What is TAP pest control insulation?

TAP Pest Control Insulation stands for Thermal, Acoustic and Pest Control. It is the latest in insulation technology. It is made from cellulose fiber that is extensively treated with boric acid and some other substances. It is an insulating fabric that not only controls cold and heat but also makes your home soundproof, pest free and fire resistant. TAP pest control insulation can give you all of this, plus it’s less expensive and made from recycled materials. Makes the home pest free and peaceful
Lower your electricity bills as it allows you to control and enjoy the climate inside your home. Keep unpleasant sounds away
Very effective in eliminating pests from the house, such as rodents and insects. TAP pest control is used in your insulation system in places like the attic, whether it’s fiberglass or cellulose. It makes sure it is working properly and without damage. Simply insert it into walls, crawl spaces, corners, and ceiling spaces. The basic function of the insulation system is to keep you warm during the cold season and cold during the hot season. It is good to do this job without leaving any empty space. Fiberglass products are cut to fit the  punaise de lit 93 shape of your home, but insulating power is sometimes compromised when sheeting is cut. If the TAP is applied by air spray, the fit is usually perfect and the insulation is not compromised. It has a higher density than other types and reduces heat transfer by 50% more than fiberglass. Since TAP reduces your electric bills, some homeowners emphasize that within your first year, it has already paid for itself, and then you continually save money by using them. TAP pest control improves the performance of your air conditioner, helping you save even more money.
TAP pest control insulation also protects your home from irritating noises that can come from outside. It will make you notice fewer sounds your neighborhood is creating, and even the sound of an airplane. You may no longer hear outside sounds; all you have is a quiet and peaceful home to stay. The density of the fabrics also works to give this advantage, making it impossible for outside noise to enter your home. This product can give you more time to focus on your work, meditate, or throw a party without affecting your neighbors. The exact setting and timing make it more effective for outside noise.
If you have pests and insects at home, such as rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, TAP pest control is also beneficial for you. It will provide insulation for your home and protect it from pests, pesky insects, and animals that may enter your home. Hard-to-see pests, like termites, can die, preventing them from further damaging your home. This product contains borate pesticides that kill tiny critters and pests instantly. Boric acid, like other new pesticides, prevents resistance to pests. This product may not be dangerous for pets. The pesticidal ingredients in TAP pest control are very harmful to humans and pets. This product has a natural ingredient that makes it deadly to insects. Borate has long-lasting effectiveness and you will no longer need a new treatment. The benefits of this pest control are long-lasting and permanent.
These are the important facts about TAP:

Monetary benefits. TAP saves you money by reducing your utility bills. It is denser than fiberglass and transfers heat through radiation, conduction, and convection. Components of TAP. It is made from boric acid and recycled newspaper. Not only does it save energy, it also conserves landfills. Installing TAP in an area of ​​150 square meters will consume newspaper equivalent to the use of a family in 40 years!
If you have old insulation, remove it first before applying the new one. It is the only pest control product to earn the Energy Star designation from the US EPA and can only be purchased through a certified contractor. Since it is EPA-labeled, it can only be installed by licensed pest professionals or experts. TAP has a flame retardant substance that prevents the cause of the fire.