Should You Buy Backlinks in 2023? $1 Million Case Study

As we mentioned above, thanks to the increase of backlinks, search engines increase the domain authority of your Internet resource. Long ago, search engines found all links to your site valuable. Keep that in mind whether you are building links in cryptocurrency or any other niche. Backlinks make it much easier for the Google spider to find your website and index it effectively.

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Let’s assume a moderate SEO consultant’s rate of $134.14, that’s an additional $268 expense per link. A half-decent outreach specialist should be able to find, negotiate and get one live link placed for every two hours of work. In our experience, the prices asked by private link sellers can vary massively.

Measuring the effectiveness of your strategy to buy backlinks is a critical aspect of your SEO campaign. On backlink statistics , organic link-building requires a more significant investment of time and effort. Yet, it offers long-term benefits and confers higher credibility on your website. Avoiding these mistakes will help you maximize the benefits of your purchased backlinks.

Either your paid backlinks will have no impact on your rankings or a negative impact on them. Yes, we specialize in white-label link-building services. These services are ideal for SEO agencies seeking to outsource their link building tasks or for those looking to resell them to their clients. Typically, noticeable improvements in your SEO rankings can be expected within 3-6 weeks after Google bots crawl our backlinks. Their gigs are well priced, communication is excellent and they provide proof of work done.

It provides all of the PPC, SEO, and keyword research tools anyone from a big company to a small startup would need and is a highly effective and well-designed application. One of the most popular features is the ‘Majestic Million’ which displays a ranking of the top 1 million websites. The tools main focus is on backlinks, which represent links between one website and another. This has a significant influence on SEO performance and as such, Majestic has a huge amount of backlink data. Key tools include the ability to audit your own site using the Moz Pro spider, which should highlight potential issues and recommend actionable insights. There’s also the ability to track your site rankings over hundreds or even thousands of keywords per website.