Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been in the information loads because the motion started some weeks returned however as of now does not have any tough rapid demands so to speak of what they really need to peer happen.

Not being one of the participants of the group I do realize high mast light what I would love to see come of the motion, and from human beings I even have spoken to currently we all appear to have the identical matters in thoughts and will lay the entirety out as far as what I need from business and from government in this article.

I for one am bored with being lied to by anybody in enterprise and authorities and want people in authorities to be responsible for what they say and do in terms of what they inform us they are going to do for us.

I am uninterested in business and government being in mattress together and telling us they need to do a sure issue as a way to create jobs however the jobs never come however the enterprise benefits significantly from what passed off.

I want corporations who declare they need to move plant life led high mast light overseas so as to be competitive fee clever with other corporations handiest to go away there expenses the identical and have their earnings sour to be penalized. I think businesses which do this must pay a much better import tax and should additionally pay a much better profits tax to the neighborhood, country and federal government to make up for the misplaced sales from the people permit pass through those corporations.

I additionally don’t need massive business a good way to circulate a plant without problems within the US for the equal reason. Case in factor a well-known motorbike manufacture in Wisconsin threatened its employees to take a pay cut or they will flow the plant to every other kingdom. This passed off before the employer introduced document income from the previous 12 months.

This doesn’t most effective take place with actual big business it additionally takes place with enterprise in standard. Another instance of this befell with a terrific buddy, She changed into operating for a fairly huge neighborhood enterprise whilst the business enterprise took away a few of the few benefits they did provide. Next one of her co workers end and a substitute was never hired and she turned into informed she had to do this persons process as properly. Of route she does not have time to do the paintings of two people. When asked why they could not get her any assist she was advised the organisation wasn’t making sufficient money to get any assist. When she requested for a improve from her 10.50 an hour to some thing better she was advised no. Four months later the owner of the corporation spent three hundred,000 bucks giving his daughter a birthday party. I don’t begrudge everyone for making quite a few cash and spending on what they need but now not at the expense of all their employees. Why cannot those humans see that except they can do the entirety through themselves that there employees are the people making them all the money they used to provide that party.

Sometimes I think a number of the conspiracy principle humans may be proper whilst they are saying huge business became making plans this recession as a way to reduce what they considered un wanted employees and to make those they did preserve do greater for less so there profits might sour.

I was looking through the net want ads the alternative day and saw a task indexed reading. Manager wanted, must have years revel in and a college degree required with pay of $14 bucks an hour. I in reality couldn’t trust this upload. They want a person who spent 60 to 80 thousand greenbacks getting a diploma and had years of enjoy to work for $14 greenbacks an hour, have been they kidding? At 30,000 a yr and owing that a lot in scholar loans how lengthy do they suppose that person would live operating for them if they might even discover a person to paintings for that. Not to say how lengthy could that character need to stay with their parents to pay the mortgage lower back due to the fact at the same time as paying the mortgage there would not be enough cash to hire or buy an area to live in for your self. Businesses need to forestall questioning best of itself and its CEO’s and forestall insulting the human beings they need to hire. Stop laying to us, pay us a first rate salary so we are able to stay and have sufficient cash to buy matters so the economic system can grow and live sturdy. We are the organizations and without us there may be no organization.