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Should you be seriously considering the purchase of property in Cyprus you could find it advantagous to deal directly with the Cyprus property developerrather than working with an agent or property broker. For most The Myst Condo Showflat Cyprus property virgins the initial contact would most likely be through an advert on the internet or following a visit to an overseas property fair. If this is the case the odds are pretty high that the person or company they are dealing with is the agent rather than the Cyprus property developer themself. It is highly unusual for a developer to attend overseas property fairs with most of them choosing instead to operate through a network of Cyprus property agents or consultants as some are now labeling themselves.

There is nothing wrong or illegal in the way that the majority of these establishments operate but it is only fair that you be made aware they are not in fact the owners of any of the Cyprus property being offered. The Cyprus property developer will be paying a sizable commission to these guys for every property they sell and that will be ultimately financed by the buyer. It therefore makes sense to “cut out” the middle man if possible and save the cost of that commission. The truth is that Cyprus property developers do exactly what it says on the tin. Develop property in Cyprus. In other words they are real good at developing whilst happy to leave the marketing and selling to the agents.

If you could find and contact the developer yourself without going through the agents you would most certainly be assured of a better deal on your Cyprus apartment or villa. The trick of course is in finding the right Cyprus property developer in the right area who is building the kind of property you want. This of course involves doing some leg work but then again wouldn’t you be prepared to put in a little effort if it was going to save you several thousand pounds? We are not talking about pocket change here but serious mullah,Guest Posting dosh or whatever you choose to call it.

Why not combine a holiday with your property search then get a real feel of the different parts of Cyprus and all the different types of property available. The great news is that the money you take out of the Cyprus property agents pocket will more than cover your holiday expenses so you have nothing to lose. Hire a car, get out the map and off you jolly well go! Once you have decided on your budget and the area you want to buy in it’s time to pin down a Cyprus property developer who is building or about to build the kind of property you would want to buy.

Doing a search for”Cyprus property developer” on Google will yield a list as long as your arm but you will need to do a little weeding out. Some of the links will lead to yet more Cyprus property agents acting on behalf of the developers so you can discount them straight off. Work your way through the rest and identify which one’s are closest to the area in which you want to buy in and find out where their offices are located. Once you find a Cyprus property developer that matches your needs ask for the location of any developments they have recently completed and go take a look for yourself. If the properties look good and the standard of finish is impressive you should literally start knocking on some doors. Ask the recent buyers what kind of a service the Cyprus property developer gives especially in terms of snagging and after care.