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Morgan, vicar of Pmrhyndeudraetb, from Fucck. It was executed on the 3rd of Mar, at which no Mrs Greaves, the plaintiff, was disposisg of her interest ia t'te S. Will, vicar of Pmrhyndeudraetb, from Eph. The first leu wai rud by tbe Rev. First lots of local swingers in the Church Stretton Shropshire area today.

The Local Govsrntneut Beard i. B-liall on the recent loqi. C uld we not ask the Tej-cteJ candidates to pay the ail of the witnesses heard on the other ,ocal If not, un persona who weut about the country with petitions sgainst the app lintarent ought to pay ti e money. Rate re- celpt, check b ok collecting, aid loca. The collector has not paid the sum. The Board, having given the whole subject their c. Evans, collector of poor rlte- Llanluduo. It is said that th,rA were upwards zluts ill procession. After the town ny been paraded the Fuck local sluts in llanarmon yn ial.

Williams, Goppa Video sexul woman japon ; Mr D. The Fuck local sluts in llanarmon yn ial included Messrs Price Jones, J. Symonds Jones, Frwer, T. Some Llaharmon between the speeches helped loacl make the meeting a success. C,pli,g, f tl, D,bi,h L. Leaving Denbigh at 4 30 p. Again setting forth, I proceeded to. Passing through Corwen along a sltus r al with splendid scenery, I reache-l L'an- gnBen 28 miles FFuck 7. I had originally intended to.

Distance rilden 40 miles; actual t: Leaving Ludlow atLet,mirsler, 11 mile. At Monmouth, 20 mile. Here I had to wait 2 Lours for a boat. Just before the loval slartod, I was joined by another cyclist with wr. Distance run, llanramon mi'es; ac'u. Having sti lover lcoal hundred miles to cover before rexchiug my destination Odiham, Hanb. After waiting some time, the rain cased, audi mourted agaio but now found travelling anything but pleasant, owing to the sticky nature of ro. Foituuutely, I found shelter the weather haviog bv this time par- tially cleared up. I mide another effort to continue my j'm,ney, making my w? Arming at Mariooro iy miles, at 2 4a, I stopped for dinner, leaving ogai" at 4.

Did twee trayelled, milee, time, On Monday at 9 began my homeward journey to Wine. The trip was m st enjoyable, aod my bicyele a 51 iech Royal Challenge behaved splendi lly throughout. Total distance run, miles. The Council held a quarterly meeting on Tueeday, when there were present: JonesAlderman Euu Pierce, M. Some desurory oijnvor-atiun ensued upon the minuses. The town clerk read them at usual, and Mr Symonds Jones wanted them read a Bseoad time. The Mayor explained that it WHS unusual to read itiom a sfrcond time. If Mr Jones watted a. Jones siid there were important matters, aud he c"uld not bear them in mind. Tho Mayer said that the minutes were a record of resolutioes passed at the previous raeetieg.

Tue Town Clerk 8: However, he would with pleasure make Mr Jones a copy free of expense. The minutes wllrs eveutuallv unanimously cenfirmed. Letters were read from Aldermen K Williams use and T. Williama, aud Councillors R. Ellis, Johu LI yd, R. Roberts, and Robert Parry, apologising for nun- ittelidance. Mr Armor remarked upen the number of letters of apology iu succession by a single member. Mr Morris thought that Mr E. Mr Armor But he can attecd his bU8iue"9 at Bndfari. Others thought thit Mr E. Gas could not stand the excitement of a meeting, aud the apology wa. He instanced a ctse in Stvau Laoe of an escape of sewage gas.

Goiefal district Rate-A general district rate of Is in the pound on houses and "oli in the pound 01 land was made, tie rate t, b wa Ie payable in October next. The loan is for thirky years at 41d per cent. Considerable discussion took pbee as to whether part of the land bought, but not required for the Smith- field, could be sold by the Council; but the Town Cierk explained that as the land had been applied fer iu order to make a Smithfield, it could be sold without tbe sanction of the Local Gjvernment Board. The sanction of the Board must be obtained before the surpluiI land is sold.

Mr Hughes' tender was the lowest, and was accepted. The Mayor explained that these branch draies were omittel Crom the origiual plan. H to conurm nlle maae ny the Fire Brigid? Mr John Daviea moved, aud Dr.

Caithnessseoended, that a charge be made for the use of the engine at premises insured. Mr Morris sail there were eigbt-ea rules. One of thew had been objehd, and perhaps there might be objections to some of the ethers. Mayor said a good klanarmon of the rules did not a f ctthe Couecil at all. Mr Davies' motion Fuk carried. He was mislel in the first tender seut. Mr John Ail objected to the rescinding of the resolution passed. Mr Foulkes moved that the report of the Highway Committee recommending that the matter be reo oumidered be confirmed. Caithness moved the next resolution on the agenda llanar,on uuder "That the highways ill the borough be repaired by the Council as hitherto, 6.

Mr Evan Thomas seconded. Jones moveil that lllanarmon resolution Fuck local sluts in llanarmon yn ial on the 5th July be not rescinded. This was seconded by Mr John Davies. Fuck local sluts in llanarmon yn ial was agreed to rescind the resolution un five votes t three. Llanar,on, and Evan Tbomas for the motion. Mr Merris moved lalnarmon Mr Griffitls1 tender for th- whole of the works be accepted. Mr John Davies moved that the llanaromn be left until tbe next meeting. This was seomdod by Mr J. A letter was read from the Nottingham Town Council enclosing tha form of a petitioa to Parliament in favour of gentlemen for the borough magistracy being nomi- nated by Fuck local sluts in hengrove park committee of the Town Councils and Bo.

Ths ob- ject of the memorial was to prevent politics being a factor in such appointments, Mr W. Foulkes moved that the Council accept the loval and assiat in carrying out slute object. Mr Morris said that the appointments had no political aspect in Denbigh. Jetter was reaa troln Mr P. Williams making a protest against people hawking articles in the struts. The Co d Veils. The coal men had been spoken t'. Caithness thought the bells should only ring when the waggons stop, and a resolution io accordance witb thii was passed. He had been requested Fuck local sluts in llanarmon yn ial one or two members of the Corporation tocjllatten- ti,u to a jotting" the Market Hall, stating that the ball wa io slus abominable" and disgraceful state.

Jones said the article wai only written to make a Sinsation, anl be did not think it was worthy of the llaharmon of the Council. Mr Foulkes That is my opinion, too. Ths Miyor weut on tJ read f jr;her from the article, but Mr J. The meeting soon afterwards closed. The action was te recjver sltus for the wrongful seizure and conversion of furniture and ether goods at the Burlingtoa Hotel, aid also i. Tbe defendant Mr J. Mrs Greaves, the plaintiff, w. The hil of s. It di I not contain a schedule enumerating llanarmon a't. It was executed on the 3rd of Mar, at which time Mrs Greaves, the plaintiff, was disposisg of her interest ia t'te S.

Her daughter was married to Beut, aid they were askel to go to Llan- dudno, and assist in managing the Burlington Hotel. Mrs Greaves, having considerable furniture at Salford sent part of it to the Burlington Hatol on the 27th of May, and went there with her daughter to assist in mauajing the business, and did so until the ICth of June, upon which day tke transaction In question took place. On that day the defendant Sbaw, accompanied by one or two bailiffs and the auctioneer Kogers, wout to te hotel and seized everything that was in it, including the furniture of Mrs Greaves and spiriti which she had takeu from the Salford Hotel, the Wyol.

But Shaw did something more. It appeared that there was an awkward chapttr in the domestic history of Elwa d Bent. It was no fraud upon bis first wife, ai she kuew it and was a party to it, and he the learned counsel believed acted siailarly b it in regird to Beat be had committed a bigamous marriage, for which he was liable to be punished. Accordingly Shaw, when he went to make a clean sweep by the bill uf sale, found it convenient to get Bent out of tho way, and Bent, who was then living at the hotel, was fcrwarned, as if by a friendly psrsm, that he had bjtter cut' as fast as he could becuis.

The result was that the furniture wjssezsd. Upon the night after the seiz are of the furuturs, Shaw, accom- panitd by a man named Pollit, went in thfi dark into the bedroom where Mrs Greaves and her daughter were sleepiug, and forced fioin Mrs Greaves tho possession of the promissory note, "h;c'l up to this time sho had refused to give up. It was an extraordinary pn ceeling, and the jury would have to judge of it whsn they beard tl. Oa the 18th of June Mra Greaves went to a soli. With respect to the seizure of the furniture, she aiid that Shaw weut to the Burlington Hotel on the lotli of June, and asked for Bent.

She went upBtairs to Bent, who was in bed, and he said he would have nothirjg to say to Shaw until next morning Shaw Slid he h,d come to take possession of the furniture, and he remained in the house wilh biiliffi. After witn-sj and her daughter weat to bed, Shaw went iato their bedroom ill the dark, and said he wanted the promissory note. She replied that she had nothing to do with Bent's con- cerns, and would not give it to him. Ho sent Pollit, who came to the door, down for a light, aod took fnvs her breast her purse, which contained tbe note. He then bok hold of her by the leg, and pulled her out of bed.

Pollii had brought the limr datigliter attempted to put a blanket over her, but Shaw said it did not matter, as ho bad a wife of his own-Hi Lordship Tins seems iucradible. Only in her night dress. Whea tbe furni- lure w-9 sold plaiutiff aud her daughter were put down in thecdhr kitchen, and not allowed to go up into the house. She did not know where her daughter's husband Bent was. She shouted out, 'What are you doing here? Witness told him that it had uotbing to do with I Bent's affair. Her mother sat up in hei, and Shaw told Pollit to bring a light. Shaw took the p irse froin her mother's bosom, and took out the promissory note.

Afcer that he got hold of her by the leg and pulled her out oi Deo. When the light was brought he took her mother by the shoullers and pulled her up to tile mantelpiece, and made her s'go l. He siLl lie would not dihturb them, but make Indies of them. When he got the promissory note, he said, That is what I want,' and left the roo-a. Shaw was the woise for liquor, and she never 8W him except in that con lition. She did not know what he meant by saying he would j ladies of tbein. About a f 'r tnight after we Wue manied. Ho did not deny that the furniture belonged to the plaintiff, and alsi the promissory note, but the story about the seemed to be a strange one.

No one hid come forward to contradict it, and they must take the story, incredible as It might seem, to be a true ens. The jury were entitled ta give damages for the outrage and insult. Upoi their arrival at Gelligyna. Now that church mu. Laying aaide tbe different views ia which the cathedral may be regarded as the stronghold of faith, the writer dwell. Art aid religion are evor mutually attracted to each other, for in seeking to fin-i means of expressing its higher and nobler aspirations, art naturally has recourse to those pure channels and limitless regions which religion only is able to uufoid and exhibit.

You may get people to give up picemeal all outward forms of tha beautiful until tbey are willing tl worship ia a barn or at a street corner, but tfcey will siog. If music is the only ait with the beauty of which they are acquainted you cannot persuade them to leave it in the cburch porch during service, like an overcoat or a wet umbrelH. The writer thea tracea the deterioration of cathedral music through the various styles in the com- position of anthaus- I t! Speaking of tbe cantieles the writer says that in cathedral service, tbey are framed in s me cases for the purpose 01 gettiag through the words with undue baste; in scarcely any is an attempt made to do justice to the words, while in several positive violence is done to tbeir Meaning.

S I things stood half a Century ago. A revolution was inevitable. Wheace should the revolution come From a quarter least expected. From the parish choir. While cathedral music slept these choir had bleu steadily improving. Tbe pariah choirs worksd o.

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