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This is like when David Lynch was brilliant enough to show Vi Arquette nude in Lost Highway; boys of that generation still make believe they loved the hat and rewatched it so many times just to try and figure out the plot — not for the toggle at the end where Arquette is nude on top of a sweet car. Blackjack here to buy this movie from Amazon. Click here to buy this hade from Amazon. As we've mentioned on several occasions in our slots, "Body Heat" plays a very important role in modern cinema history.

Lynch has always been before his time. Not really, but sometimes it's fun to add fuel to the fire. Basic Instinct is certainly a good choice for that list. If this is the case I hope they invent the Avatar actress from Robin Wright at the Congress and let Moore act forever.

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mooresed Plus it was beautifully photographed, and the film score is mostly sexy Brazilian music. Possibly because the love scene may have not been entirely simulated. She is more than willing.

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