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Four of the previous eight Atlantic Frer mayors have been busted for corruption, and inthe Associated Press reported galvston the former city council president was facing 40 months in federal caasual after his conviction in a bribery scandal that also claimed two other council members. While not all of these scandals are directly tied to casinos, many local observers say that the lure of easy money has permeated from the town's casino floors to the highest levels of local government. Kempner's belief that the same potential exists in Galveston puzzles Tillotson. After all, as the newsman slyly points out, the Kempner family has been involved in the running of Galveston, either officially or behind the scenes, for over a century.

Even today, Kempner's first cousin, Lyda Ann Thomas, is the sitting mayor. Surely he's not saying Lyda Ann Thomas would be corrupted.

Galveston policeman awarded half a MILLION in sexual harassment suit after

If not her, who exactly? If a council member is willing to swap votes for money, they'll find ways to do that without casinos. It's Tuesday night at the Isle of Capri in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and its present-day clientele is a far cry from any romantic notions you might have of Galveston's old Balinese. But if you are trying to imagine Galveston with casinos, the Lake Charles of today is probably a more useful study than Galveston in the '40s. At Lake Charles's Isle of Capri, the slots — in all their whirring, glittering, chirping splendor — are king. These are not the simple fruit machines of the past. In one area, frowsy, fortysomething ladies sit transfixed in adjacent Wizard of Oz-themed machines, mashing bet buttons as fairy harps sigh and a phantasmagoria of Dorothy, Toto, tin men and cowardly lions flashes in front of their eyes.

These Free casual sex in galveston tx 77551 make it clear they don't like onlookers intruding on their alternate reality from over their shoulders. Indeed, most patrons don't — it is a very difficult place to strike up a conversation. Psychologists say those who favor games of skill are "action gamblers. Those who favor slots are termed "escape gamblers," lone wolves who view gaming as a burn patient views a cool shot of morphine. Across town at the fancier L'Auberge du Lac, even on a Tuesday, it's hard to find a spot in the parking lot among the several thousand cars with Texas plates. Once inside, it's equally difficult to find even one Free casual sex in galveston tx 77551 idle.

The difference is that here, the poker, craps and blackjack tables are fully engaged and it is at these tables that a surprisingly large number of young, tattooed Vietnamese men Free casual sex in galveston tx 77551. One of L'Auberge's nine dining options prominently offers "authentic Vietnamese selections," the casino employs Chinese and Vietnamese speaking hosts, and Vietnamese singers appear in the casino's concert venue. On the casino floor, L'Auberge offers visitors a chance to try their hand at pai gow, a Chinese variant of poker.

Still, this is a far cry from the image of the Balinese Room. There's a suburban corporate feel to these casinos, a working-class everyman vibe. You can't picture Howard Hughes, a starlet on each arm, hovering over L'Auberge's roulette wheel, or a Lake Charles casino bartender inventing a legendary cocktail, any more than you could envision Angelina Jolie strolling through an Office Depot on FM And where the likes of Sinatra and Ellington performed for the Balinese Room's clientele, the modern-day equivalent is not quite as exciting. On the way back to Houston, it strikes you that Lake Charles's interstate infrastructure seems ludicrously overbuilt for a city of its size. How many cities of fewer thanpeople have an interstate loop?

Broadway, 61st Street and Seawall Boulevard would have a hard time coping with casino hordes. Kempner thinks that traffic and exhaust fumes are all most Galvestonians would come to associate with the casino trade. You can see arguments for and against casinos before your eyes. Both major Lake Charles casinos sport huge parking lots — which begs the question of where they could fit in Galveston. Those lots are also jam-packed with cars with Texas license plates. When you couple that with all the signs touting the many shuttles offering dirt cheap transport from nine pickup points in Houston to the casinos, you realize the magnitude of the cash drain over the Sabine.

Both the Isle of Capri and L'Auberge du Lac are vast complexes that rise mirage-like out of acres of concrete in the middle of nowhere. Each offers in-house restaurants, shops, clubs and lodging, and that underscores one of Kempner's main anti-casino contentions — that Flores and the Strand merchants are fooling themselves if they think casinos will bring them customers. Even in the old days, he says, the Balinese Room knew well how to lock down the junket trade. According to Galveston-bred Shreveport businessman Tony Janca, Texas gambling money has brought his once-moribund new hometown back from the brink of slow death.

On what he describes as a couple of former "government garbage dumps" on both banks of the Red River in Shreveport and neighboring Bossier City, the casino-driven turnaround has been nothing short of miraculous, he says. Hotels, museums, a Hollywood soundstage, and an arts and botanical center have sprouted under the lights of the casino, and the local junior college has gone from what he calls a "joke" housed in a defunct high school to a gleaming new building with a half-dozen new courses of study feeding graduates into the casino industry. Other stories are more personal. Janca's wife worked as a registered nurse in charge of patient discharges for many years. They would come to the hospital on welfare, not realizing that they had benefits paid for.

Janca moved to Shreveport as a young man inand since then, he's weathered the boom-and-bust cycle of the Louisiana city's oil-based economy to become a commercial real estate broker and civic booster. Casinos helped save Shreveport and they can save Galveston, he says. He even knows where to put them — a vast brownfield on the bay side of the Island's eastern reaches called the East End Flats. Without casinos, Janca believes Galveston risks sharing the fate of Indianola, a once-thriving, now-vanished Matagorda County port. When these people come through your city, they are looking at the pimps on the corner and the prostitutes and the druggies.

They see the problems in the schools and they say, 'This is not the quality of life we are looking for. Galveston is full of poor people — before Ike, Galveston's poverty numbers rivaled those of New Orleans pre-Katrina. If there's any hope for that island, you are going to have to work with them and give them jobs, and then let middle management build on top of that. You don't build it from the top down. Over beers at O'Malley's Stage Door Pub, a venerable, wood-paneled tavern that was one of the relative few Strand-area bars that reopened in January, the three co-founders of a new blog called Islander By Choice explained why they were willing to embody the young professionals Janca says the Island cannot attract.

To a certain degree, he's wrong. Even with all its warts, Galveston still Frre the power to bewitch people in a way that Houston does not. Scott works in Houston and commutes miles a day. Wright, a graphic designer originally from Amarillo, could have set casjal his shop anywhere, but chose Galveston. Each of these sfx twentysomethings and early thirtysomethings loves Galveston for Free casual sex in galveston tx 77551 unique sense of place, small rx, lively night life, stout arts galbeston cultural Love in pavenham, proximity to the beach, convenience gavleston Houston's big city amenities, and historic ambience.

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