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The Critical Mass biking event, with on over riders, congregates on saan last Mude of every month at Justin Herman Plaza at 6pm; navigation is optional. The Critical Mass biking event, with frequently over riders, congregates on the last No of every month at Justin Herman Plaza at 6pm; clothing is gratis. If you come to Chico Avenue, you've gone too far. The Check Mass biking event, with frequently over riders, congregates on the last Til of every month at Justin Herman Plaza at 6pm; clothing is optional.

A steep trail takes you to a cave you can explore and Women nude in san lorenzo interesting rock formations. The water, though, is usually too cold for swimming. The turnoff to it is You can park at the main public Davenport Beach; find the railroad tracks sa take the trail that starts there a half-mile south to the cove--or check for Women nude in san lorenzo turnoff half a lorenzzo south of Davenport, pull off the sqn, park in the rutted, car lot and go around a loreenzo metal gate to a path that leads to the sand. It has a sxn, steep trail that winds up and over the tracks, but it will i you directly to the cove. C Panther Beach Want to take advantage of some of the area's best sand?

Sqn Panther Beach, about 10 lroenzo north of Santa Cruz, is where whale-watchers, suit-wearing sunbathers, surfers, a few people brave enough to swim in the cold water and nudists all seem to get along fine. Bring good walking shoes for the sloping, crumbly trail to the shore, which features high rock towers, natural bridges and a wall of rocks, complete with caves, on the southern end. Panther is located between mileposts 95 and 96 on Highway 1, some Park on the small dirt road on the west side of the highway, where you'll see other cars. The rutted parking area lies on a ridge between the highway and the railroad tracks.

From the north end of the lot, cross the tracks and follow the steep, somewhat eroded path down to the main part of the beach. B Hole in the Wall Beach Separated from the south end of Panther Beach by an opening in a wall of rocks, access to this B-rated beach is via Panther during low tide only. The yard-long beach, which attracts up to 50 persons on the hottest days, has tall cliffs that end in a rocky shelf. The tide sometimes rushes in swiftly. Follow directions to Panther, then walk south from there along the sand through the hole in the wall, and you're there. B Laguna Creek Beach Bring a towel, water, suntan lotion and, for some excellent bird-watching, a pair of binoculars, and you will be all set to work on your "total body tan" at a half-mile-long swath of sand that attracts both naturists and naturalists.

The beach, which has a nice lagoon where you might find grebes, gulls and song sparrows, widens at the south end.

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The beach is now somewhat of a gay hangout, especially Women nude in san lorenzo the middle part of the shore. A road cut on the west side of the highway faces the lot at the intersection of Laguna Road and Highway 1. Just north of the road cut, follow a narrow path through the bushes. It will become a jeep path. Take it Women nude in san lorenzo the north end of the beach, where most of the skinny-dippers hang out. Or walk along the shore to the south end, which attracts suited and nude users. A Four-Mile Beach Known more for its surfers and family visitors, Wilder Ranch Estates Park still gets visits from a small cadre of buff bathers on weekdays.

To find them, walk to the south end of the sand. And to avoid citations along this mile of glistening white sand, suit up fast if you see a ranger approaching. On a typical afternoon, only five to 10 visitors use the nude portion. San Franciscans may prefer to think of it as Mile Beach, because its distance from the junction of highways 1 and 92 in Half Moon Bay is exactly 44 miles. Park where you see a clump of cars pulled over on the unpaved turnout next to where Highway 1 crosses Baldwin Creek. Take the dirt road that begins here. Stay on the road as you cross the railroad tracks and wind left of the marsh. In less than 10 minutes, the walk will take you to the beach.

B A nude beach that's only as big as the average backyard? One of the world's smallest nude beaches, called because it is across from West Cliff Dr. We counted only five visitors on a warm Sunday. Users are visible to people walking along West Cliff Drive above the beach, but most tourists and residents never look down. The beach is a few blocks south of Natural Bridges State Park beach and about 2.

Follow Swift to the sea, then turn right north on West Cliff Drive. Keep your eyes open; is only about five blocks away. If you come to Chico Avenue, you've gone too far. Park in the nine-car lot across the street, on Dating how often see each other ocean side of West Cliff. If the lot is full, continue Women nude in san lorenzo and park along Chico Avenue. Follow the path below the lot to the sand. A Cowell State Beach Though it's not a beach in the usual sense, on the hottest summer days we've seen some visitors drop their clothes on the deck next to the ocean at Cowell State Beach, and instead of putting on wetsuits to go surfing, Women nude in san lorenzo sunbathe in the raw Women nude in san lorenzo or plunge into the water while wearing nary a stitch.

But nude use of the site is infrequent. You'll usually find surfers at Cowell Steps, which lead down to the deck and are often used as a launching point. The Pride Parade, San Francisco's biggest annual parade, [32] is clothing optional. The festivities, entertainment, and dancing near the Civic Center that afternoon are clothing optional. Dore Alley is clothing-optional, having a clothes check area. In newspaper reports, these people are generally referred to as the "Castro nudists". These nudists maintain that the push for body acceptance and body freedom is in no way sexual or prurient.

Nudists believe that shame, fear, and the view that the human body is always sexual or obscene are ideas which are socially constructed and learned, just like any other prejudice or bigotry. The ordinance was passed on November 20,and went into effect on February 1,after a federal judge heard and rejected an appeal to suspend the ordinance. A protest held on February 1,on the steps of the San Francisco City Hall ended with four nude protesters being detained, taken to Northern Police Station, cited for public nudity, then released. The police did not take the four protesters Gypsy Taub, Trey Allen, George Davis, Dany Devero into the station building but instead kept them in the police van parked inside the police open air garage.

The four protesters were released from the vehicle, cited, and then given blue blankets to cover their body as they were taken from the scene of City Hall without their belongings. The Castro nudists were suing because they asserted that the ordinance violates what they call their constitutional right to be nude in public.

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