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Sex is My Navigation was considered something of a lost film clils a Super 8 mm till print of the film was located britlsh privately transferred to DVD in The mot ran there continuously for weeks, from April to Marchand is listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the longest-running British film. She then returned to modelling for British pornographic magazines such as Knave and Men Only. She then returned to en for British pornographic magazines such as Knave and Men Only.

The Nazi tax man has finished me as well. He is a religious maniac. She obviously had tremendous pressures Free british sex clips on her as a result and there is no doubt in my mind that these must have contributed to this tragedy. She is buried in the same grave as her mother, Joan Quilter, who died in InChannel Four screened a tribute to her entitled Sex and Fame: Twenty years after her death, the author and film historian Simon Sheridan put Millington's life into context in the biography Come Play with Me: The Life and Films of Mary Millington. Further information about her career can be found in Sheridan's follow-up book Keeping the British End Up: Four Decades of Saucy Cinema, the fourth edition of which was published in April Her entry was written by Richard Davenport-Hines.

In an exhibition of bgitish work of the late glamour photographer Fred Brittish was held in London, which included clis little-seen pictures of Millington taken by Grierson at June Palmer 's Strobe Studios in the early s. Unseen since the early Free british sex clips, it was subsequently transferred to DVD. A nightclub in Liverpool is named after her. Production history[ edit ] Harrison Marks had written Free british sex clips Play With Me's script coipsnot long after making The Nine Ages of Nakednessbut it brirish to remain on the shelf while in the ensuing years he was declared bankrupt, was the subject of an obscenity trial, and drank heavily.

In the documentary Oo-Err Missus, Sullivan remarks: Filming[ edit ] Come Play With Me was filmed during the autumn of Owing to work commitments, Suzy Mandel was absent from the scene that introduces the girls travelling to Bovington Manor onboard a coach she was taping a Benny Hill episode at the time. After seeing a rough cut of the film, Sullivan and representatives of the distributor Tigon thought the film needed more nudity as well as more Mary Millington, so several additional scenes—including Mary's big scene with Marks' regular Howard "Vanderhorn" Nelson —were filmed. The "add-on" nature of these scenes to the narrative is sometimes apparent. Several hardcore porn scenes were also shot for Come Play With Me.

These would have appeared towards the end of the film; however, in the event all traces of hardcore sex were cut from these scenes in the pre-release stage, and the explicit footage went missing soon afterward.

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These scenes remain in the film, albeit heavily cut down to softcore, with only Penny Chisholm's "flushed" face during her sex scene with Mary giving a hint of these scenes' explicit origins. Marketing[ edit ] Sullivan saw Come Play With Me as a chance to turn his then-girlfriend and magazine cover girl Mary Millington into a film star, as well as an opportunity for some cross-media marketing. Sullivan's magazines like Playbirds and Whitehouse are seen throughout the film, but it was while promoting the film through his magazines that Sullivan really came into his own.

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