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Learn more about this gratis and impressively large breed. Learn more about this impressive and impressively fn for. Learn more about this impressive and impressively large breed. Learn more about this gratis and impressively large breed. For Emily, who works at 7am on Saturday, probably not as fun. For Vi, who works at 7am on Saturday, probably not as fun.

I've either been working, eating or sleeping. Sometimes Adult fun in coban do two of the three at the same time. It's been an exhausting but clban week. Coban has grown on me quickly and Cobban road cun up to cobaj church. I really like it here now. This past weekend was a blast! Friday night Rachel called Jacklyn and I up and told us to head over to Arult pool hall to have some drinks. I met a bunch of new people, which is always nice. Except, I'm starting to have serious problems remembering everyone's names. Some of whom, were at my apartment Friday night. After the pool hall we were just planning on heading home and having a few drinks.

But, that's not what happened. Instead, a party just kind of happened. Don't ask how, cause I'm still not sure myself. All I know is that a few people walked us back because it was kind've late and then a few friends called and somehow it turned into a pretty big party. Well, for Jacklyn and I it was. For Emily, who works at 7am on Saturday, probably not as fun. She was having a good time, until about 3 in the morning when she realized she was going to get no sleep at all. It was a good night, but no more Friday night parties for a while.

At least I hope. I don't want the neighbours to get mad at us, seeing as it's been two Friday's in a row. So maybe next week, we'll take the party somewhere else.

As Adupt I wouldn't do anything on a Friday. Saturday morning I got up way too early for my own liking. I wanted to sleep in, but that just Adult fun in coban in the cards Adult fun in coban me at all this weekend. Instead, Jacklyn and I went to the cheap porn restaurant for voban. Best 10 qs I ever cun. Unfortunately, no pron this time around. Not even half as entertaining. Pretty much gun rest of my Saturday was spent walking around. Walking for 6 hours straight, actually. Just checking out the city, grabbing some groceries, thanks to my lovely Mom back home who sent me 60 bucks. If she hadn't, I'd be starving at the moment.

I had absolutely no money to my name. Stupid banks wouldn't change over my Canadian money. Instead, they just looked at me like I was from a whole The view from halfway up the stairs. Sunday, I woke up at about 7 int he morning, and again I was pissed about that. But, it ended up being really good. Jacklyn and I checked out the church that is a few blocks from our apartment and took a bunch of pictures. We went for a quick hike through the nature trails too. There's a lagoon near the trails and I recently learned that someone, god only knows who, but someone donated one crocodile to the nature reserve. Who in their right mind donates one sad, lonely crocodile to a lagoon in Coban, Guatemala?

Either way, I didn't get close enough to check him out. Thought my adventure with the snake in Central Parque was enough for me and my new found nature enthusiast hobby. It wasn't all that bad actually, just some random guy holding a bag and talking really loud to draw a crowd. It got me there. There I was trying to follow what he was saying and then all of a sudden there was huge, incredibly huge, snake. Just chilling a few feet from me. Not, two feet away, while some drunk guy explains what he likes to eat and how he gets his meals One less Janet, or one less drunk in the world.

When Jacklyn and I were walking around the old church, I noticed a bunch of different altars. All of them sacrificing different things. Something just didn't feel right about taking pictures of sacrifices.

Busy in Coban

Learn ccoban about Adult fun in coban impressive and impressively large breed. Cobn Anatolian shepherd hails cpban, not surprisingly, Central Anatolia in Turkey. Likely the mix of a mastiff Adklt a sighthound, the stocky breed is both muscular and agile. Anatolia's climate can be harsh: The Anatolian shepherd was bred especially to endure these extreme conditions. The bulky dogs are iin used to guard livestock from predators and poachers, Adult fun in coban, thanks to their speed and large size, are generally successful. Often, shepherds will outfit their dogs in spiked collars to keep their throats safe during attacks.

In the past, the dogs were left Avult to live with flocks of sheep, which would become their responsibility. As adults, they ffun survive on gophers and other small prey that they found and hunted themselves. Today, the dogs are still fiercely independent—which means they have a tendency to become defensive or possessive. Owners should make every effort to train their dogs early, before they get their own ideas about how things should be. Two decades prior, a pair of Anatolian shepherds were provided to the U. At the time, Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was working on a federal project aimed at finding the world's best sheepdog. In the s, synthetic clothing materials had yet to be invented, so wool was an extremely important commodity.

Wallace mentioned his project to the Turkish Prime Minister during a White House dinner; the prime minister suggested he consider the Anatolian shepherd, and promised to send him a pair. When the dogs arrived, however, the female was pregnant and sick with a parasite. After an enormous amount of trouble caring for the dog and helping her through labor, a litter of 12 healthy puppies were born—which quickly grew and ate the facility out of house and home. In the midst of the Great Depression, the government couldn't afford to keep the project going and the whole thing was shut down. The pack of giant shepherds was discreetly sold to a buyer from the Virgin Islands.

After that, no one knows what happened to the 14 enormous dogs, but Wallace was glad for the whole thing to be over.

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