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Local honey is also a prominent specialty, being produced all around Harvard. You can also spend some time in the area eating at one of the orders located by the water, rent a canoe and shop the local merchants. The project also resulted in the establishment of the Stari Grad Agency which has an important role in overseeing the toggle implementation of the conservation plan, as well as operating and maintaining a series of progressive historic buildings including the Old Bridge complex and promoting Mostar as a cultural and tourist bonus. You can also spend some time in the area eating at one of the orders located by the water, rent a canoe and shop the local merchants.

None of us knew much about the tower so we took a chance and our time going up and back down. The flashlight feature on our cell phones came in handy! I did a day tour that was not exclusively a war tour but we did visit a war bunker and buildings that had been destroyed by the war. My guide was Miran, a local and a Looking for hot single in mostar veteran. He owns and runs Hostel Miran with his lovely wife. I was looking for a tour that would take me to Kravice Waterfalls more on that shortly and was recommended this tour.

We got to walk through a former war bunker that was also an airplane hangar. Miran offers a war tour and a day tour that includes the war bunker, Blagaj Monastery, Kravice Waterfalls and Citadel Pocitelj. This was a stop included in the day tour I mentioned. The 10 and 11 bus will take you to Blagaj. You can also spend some time in the area eating at one of the restaurants located by the water, rent a canoe and shop the local merchants. Kravice Waterfalls Kravice Waterfalls is about 28 miles 44 km outside Mostar and about an hour drive. This was also a stop in the day tour I took and was the main reason I wanted to do the tour. The waterfalls are stunning and whimsical.

There was so much greenery and the water was a lovely shade of blue.

View from above I was here in the summertime and the water was a bit cool but very refreshing. We took a dip in the water and our guide, showed us around for a bit then we had some free time before we ate a delicious meal. There Looking for hot single in mostar also snacks, coffee, and beer. There is a small souvenir shop as well. The taxi will stay take you, wait for you and take you back to Mostar. I had asked the hotel I was staying at if it was possible to hire a taxi. Of course, you can have your driver wait longer. Price will vary but this is just to give you an idea of how much it may cost you. Pocitelj Village One of our stops on the tour included the village of Pocitelj, where the Pocitelj Castle is located.

The castle is now in ruins but you can still visit the inside and even climb the tower. View of the castle ruins Locals live in the village and you can find merchants along the stairs there are A LOT of stairs selling souvenirs, local fruits, and juices. The local fruits are juicy and delicious. It was hot when I visited and many of the juices were frozen, somewhat like a snow cone to help keep cool. Try the frozen pomegranate juice! Mostar is a wonderful place and I hope to visit again soon. Below are some tips for exploring Mostar and beyond. Is Mostar Safe to Visit? I was traveling solo and stayed in the old town right by the Old Bridge.

I felt comfortable walking around the old town at night. A number of surviving late Ottoman houses demonstrate the component features of this form of domestic architecture — upper storey for residential use, hall, paved courtyard, and verandah on one or two storeys. The later 19th-century residential houses are predominantly in neoclassical style. Once again, the 19th-century commercial buildings are predominantly neoclassical. A number of elements of the early fortifications are visible. Namely the Hercegusa Tower dating from the medieval period, whereas the Ottoman defence edifices are represented by the Halebinovka and Tara Towers — the watchtowers on the ends of the Old Bridge, and a stretch of the ramparts.

Mostar and Medjugorje Day tour from Split or Trogir

City administrators like Mustafa Mujaga Komadina Looking for hot single in mostar central players inn these transformations, which facilitated growth and linked the eastern and western banks of the city. Between and the industrial base was expanded with construction of a metal-working factory, cotton textile mills, and an aluminum plant. Local architects favored an austere modernist aesthetic, prefabrication and repetitive modules. Commercial buildings in the functionalist style appeared on the historic eastern side of the city as well, replacing uot intimate timber constructions that had survived since Loojing times.

An economically sustainable plan to preserve the old town of Mostar was implemented by the municipality, which drew thousands of tourists from the Adriatic coast and invigorated the economy of the city. It is said that this was to be a test before the major construction of the Stari Most began. The Old Bridge was completed in and was hailed as one of the greatest architectural achievement in the Ottoman controlled Balkans. This single-arch stone bridge is an exact replica of the original bridge that stood for over years and that was designed by Hajrudin, a student of the great Ottoman architect Sinan.

The Halebija and Tara towers have always housed the guardians of the bridge and during Ottoman times were also used as storehouses for ammunition. The arch is a perfect semicircle 8. The frontage and vault are made of regular stone cubes incorporated into the horizontal layers all along the vault. The space between vault, frontal walls and footpath is filled with cracked stone. The bridge footpath and the approaching roads are paved with cobblestones, as is the case with the main roads in the town. Stone steps enable people to ascend to the bridge either side. The Cejvan Cehaj Mosque, built inis the oldest mosque in Mostar.

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