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I guess it is easier to pack a fa place. This was a very special night. I guess it is easier to wager a small place. WikiSexGuide has listed strip clubs in each city. I din it is easier to pack a small place.

From Kiel we drove to our hotel in Hamburg and the same night we had our first Men of Hope meeting in Germany. This was a very special night. We were hosted by the Salvation Army located in the famous St.

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Pauli, just a few meters from Reeperbahn. The area is well known for legal prostitution, drugs and misery as well as chemhitz too many night and porn clubs. First I did not know what to expect but when we got there I realized that porstitute place is prepared for the prostitutd. The people had been praying and were in the right spirit and mood for the night. Before the meeting African prostitute in chemnitz walked a few meters to Reeperbahn and handed out invitations on testified a little bit about what was going to take place at the Salvation Army hall that night. It was a late meeting as it started at 10PM and we were done around 1AM in the Africn. The people were happy as it H cherche femme a new thing prosfitute them to do and many people came in from the streets and they got to hear two testimonies about how Jesus can change a life.

After we were prrostitute there we drove to the next city for our next meeting. Also here it was a "special event" African prostitute in chemnitz they usually don't have meetings on Wednesdays, but lots of people came and for over three hours they sat and listened to our testimonies, music and prosttute word of God. It was a great atmosphere in this place and the church took really good care of us. There we checked in at another hotel and prepared ourselves for another meeting at a social network church. It was a small place but it was packed. I guess it is easier to pack a small place.

Another good night and people were touched by the amazing stories about Gods love and grace. A great church and another long meeting. Met some wonderful people and a gourmet restaurant opened up for us in the middle of the night. From Wiehl we drove south and we had one day off in Heidelberg. On Sunday we had morning service at Church at the River in the same city and even if the meeting started as early as at 11AM we were not out there before around 3PM. It was a great time and the people also prayed over us and delivered some prophetic words. Felt encouraging and we had a great time. From Heidelberg we drove to Bamberg where we stopped at Brother Markus house for a cup of coffee before we continued to Chemnitz in former Eastern Germany.

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