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However, it is wrong to blame female prostitutes alone. Before, their friends persuade them to be waitresses or bar girls and finally become sex workers. Before, their friends persuade them to be waitresses or bar girls and finally become sex no. However, it is wrong to blame female prostitutes alone. The dating in male dominated societies is that women seduce men, tempting them from their euro paths. Their son was one month old and, as dictated by Vietnamese tradition, they invited their relatives for a party. The resulting skewed gender balance could have severe del consequences.

In the meantime, experts have raised concerns over the network's security as they claim people on smart phones, laptops or Ipads accessing the internet via the free wi-fi network, have to face gac a high risk Sex partner in bac giang having their private information stolen by hackers. Bc you like using free wi-fi when you visit places near Ln Kiem Lake? What are the benefits and drawbacks when using free parner networks in public Se Do you think that the plan to provide free wi-fi will attract more tourists? Do you worry about security risks when using wi-fi? Are free wi-fi networks common in your country? Please reply by email to: Replies to next week's questions must be received by Thursday morning, June 6, Last week, Viet Nam News asked for readers' opinions about prostitution and measures to limit it as well as the social prejudice that women are the cause of prostitution.

Jessie Yang, Korean, Belgium Prostitution should be legal and regulated to protect the health of both sex workers and their customers. Although each country has different regulations related to this, in general, sex workers are obliged to register. They must also have regular health checks for sexually transmitted diseases and the details entered on their cards. Police are allowed to check the status of registered prostitutes to determine whether the examinations have been held and to make sure that they see health officials if they haven't.

I think countries legalise prostitution because they realise Se is impossible to stop it. Patner, they have wonderful regulations that declare that customers, not prostitutes, commit a crime through the ;artner act - and face high fines. The rationale for these regulations is that prostitution is a form of violence against women. So, the crime is paying for sex, not accepting the money. This is the way these nations express their respect for gender equality. Viet Nam can learn from this, especially in protecting disadvantaged women. I think prostitution should be legal in Viet Nam so this activity will be strictly managed and the disease-related risks can be minimised.

However, as for me, the business is unacceptable. When prostitutes, mostly female, are asked why they are in the sex industry, they tend to give similar reasons.

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Then, their friends persuade them to be waitresses or bar girls and finally become sex workers. They don't like it at first. However, soon enough they discover that offering this service can earn them a lot more money. They enjoy having a very good income which ensures them a luxurious life. Prostitution doesn't require them to have any degrees or special skills. It is a shortcut for so many women. They refuse to give up "their job" Sex partner in bac giang they Sex partner in bac giang three to four times more than workers in offices or factories. Most wish to continue "this job" and get VND Korean sluts nude per day.

Should I sympathise with people who are too lazy to experience hard or manual jobs? With the excuses of poverty and low education, in our country more than one third of population could qualify to be engaged into "this industry". Should I support those who seek society's tolerance and acceptance that prostitution as a legal job? No, it is impossible. After three baby girls, the couple finally has a boy. Moreover, men are considered necessary for old-age security. In addition, sons confer greater social status. A family without sons may be looked down upon by the extended family. If it was another girl, I would have had an abortion. Luckily it was a boy. But people can easily travel to district and provincial medical facilities for the service.

Nevertheless, these services are available in private clinics. In rural areas, many couples still use traditional methods to select the sex of the foetus. One of the common strategies is the consumption of certain foods — such as salted fish, bean sprouts and pumpkins, in order to have a son. Next year Bon and her husband, Chung, plan to have a boy. In any case, Bon and her husband, who are both farmers, have never heard about ultrasounds. They plan to have a son in the traditional way. As recently asthe ratio was still at what is considered a normal level

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