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By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. The affectionate pair nakee "married" in French Polynesia just days ago, though not technically Polynesian naked picture till ipcture fill in Polynesian naked picture the paperwork when they get home. While this is the case now, by the end of the year couples will be able to officially tie the knot on the stunning islands, Sofitel's regional manager, Marc Reissinger tells me. Also on the boat are honeymooners from Atlanta who wed at the end of last year.

Advertisement Earlier in the day the young couple were spotted taking photos of their hands from their bungalow deck, looking suspiciously like they were snapping their new wedding bands. However, on the The popular honeymoon destination is surrounded by a collection of small islands, one of which houses the tiny basic airport, and others owned privately, like Sofitel's motu.

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The mainland is home to about 8, Polynesians and takes only an hour to Polynesian naked picture by jeep on the island's single sealed road. The volcanic caldera is rugged and dense but it is the calm azure waters and white crushed coral sands that have honeymooners flocking to the destination. Between Bora Bora and the Sofitel Motu, about 1km away, the water glows beneath the warm summer sun in at least seven different hues. Island locals say artists have tried to paint the scenery but have no colour in their pallet to portray the lagoon. On Bora Bora or Pora Pora as it's pronounced in Tahitian because there's no B in their alphabetthe loved-up couples are ubiquitous.

I checked my watch, sighed, and prepared myself for a long, hot, humid night.

One of the male dancers came Poolynesian to teach us how to open a coconut, flirting lasciviously with the ladies in the audience including Mary, to whom he gave a lovely coconut filled with milkand acting out in Vaudevillian slapstick style with a gracious, grinning audience volunteer who struggled to master the proper coconut Polyynesian. The dancers lined Polynesian naked picture all the women, then the men, teaching naker some deceptively difficult dance moves and making us laugh Polynesian naked picture their proud posturing.

Woven in amongst silly repartee designed to establish more personal connections with the audience, we learned about the construction of the umu, which involves a 3-foot hole dug in the ground, filled with heated porous rocks,and covered with banana leaves. Still, dinner would have to wait, as it was time for our guided tour of the Tiki Village complex. By day, the locals live and work in the village, making costumes and drums, giving Polynesian-style tattoos, and teaching guests crafts such as basket-weaving. At various stops along our brief tour, we learned about quilting and traditional instruments such as the ukelele, and viewed an impressive gallery of work by legendary photographer Adolphe Sylvain.

Sylvain, a friend of Marlon Brando, was a French military photographer who fell in love with the islands of Tahitiand in particular with a local woman named Tehani. For a taste of indigenous Polynesian culture— a rich tradition that spread across the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago— you simply have to leave your hotel. The guides and performers were professional, but not excessively polished. The sand-floor stage was transformed by impressive theatrical lighting. When they started singing during their processional to the stage, there were impeccably arranged polyphonic harmonies.

The princess was sent away to a neighboring island via outrigger canoe to have her baby:

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