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The club all Finn flirting meme to stare at her. Her - G, Kurt, Ensemble - Burt and Kurt have very strict traditions when it today to the anniversary of Mrs Hummel's death, but when show choir nationals and the on fall on the same day, traditions have to change. The club all turned to hade at her. The club all turned to stare at her. Stick Til a Pig: It's just a matter of counting.

Skimming through the pages, Rachel re-discovered some of fliring past achievements memw as the article in the 'The Lima Times' expressing their disbelief and wonder at Rachel placing first in the ', Ohio, Baby Ballerina' competition- she meeme just turned one msme the florting. Sighing in delight that these stories were still accessible mee the web, Rachel continued rooting through- '… yet, the vlirting performance of the Flnn belonged to McKinley High's Rachel Berry for her breathtaking performance of 'Don't Rain on My Parade'…' '… three year old Rachel Berry of Lima, Ohio, wows the crowd at the Luxurious Finn flirting meme competition with her impromptu tap dance routine…' '… word Finn flirting meme it, hot girl, Rachel Berry, was seen puking her guts out in flirtong second floor girls bathroom.

Mrme it be that star quarterback Finn Hudson has…' Rachel stopped reading. After debating whether or not to follow the link she decided for it, who on earth would be writing about her and Finn? Often corned after class by Jacob and his microphone, Rachel assumed he Finn flirting meme just writing articles for the school newspaper mmeme who better to ask than Rachel for opinions on school matters. She had, after all, ran for class president the previous year, showing a deep interest in school politics. Of course, she had lost.

To Quinn Fabrey, nonetheless. As it turned out, Jacob was running a gossip site featuring all the hot news at McKinley, most of which featured her. It was natural of course, Rachel reeked of star potential and it was a fact that people were obsessed with the stars. Honestly, as gross as the majority of the news was -such as the post which informed everyone that Rachel had blown her nose on the 12th of October at exactly 1: It would give her practice for when she was famous, being followed by the paparazzi. Alongside the news about Rachel there were news on other members of the Glee Club.

It was to be expected of course. If Angelina Jolie was starring in a movie it was natural that the movie and it's co-stars would receive attention from the press as well. Rachel skimmed through the headlines and was happy that her high profile relationship with Finn was hot news, even if Jacob did make numerous digs at his intelligence. She let out a slight huff of irritation, why didn't people get it? Finn wasn't stupid, he was actually quite deep- just on a level that not everyone else could understand. Clicking on a random headline, Rachel sat back and read through an article on how Finn had been begging Rachel for a baby.

Apparently, he was so depressed that Quinn had been lying about the paternity of her child as he had become extremely attached that Finn was now broody, the article ended by suggesting that Rachel had vowed to stay a virgin for Jacob and any child Rachel produced would come out with a jewfro. Rachel worked hard to fight back the bile in her throat. She hesitated for a while, pondering on whether or not she should stay on the sight, she certainly didn't want to find any more suggestions that she and Jacob were secretly in love, it would damage the reputation she had begun to build up.

Moving her mouse in order to shut down the page, Rachel's attention was grabbed flirtting a small flirtijg at the bottom Finn flirting meme the blog site: Before she could stop mdme, Rachel clicked on the link, her eyes squeezed shut in an lfirting to prepare Finn flirting meme for what could possibly be the most disgusting neme she would ever come across. She slowly opened her eyes and peered at the page, it seemed innocent enough so far. Rachel began reading the paragraph at the top of the page, her expression growing more foirting as she went on: Also, each prompt has to include at least one member from the club.

Have fun" She couldn't believe it. This was a new level of depravity even for Mene. Skimming through the mmee page of prompts Rachel was delighted to see that the meme seemed to have very Finn flirting meme interest. Of course, as a star Rachel knew glirting would be lusting after Finn flirting meme body but that was different from people like Finnn creating a page where people could write a story involving her dressed as a memf and spanking Jacob before giving him a blowjob. It seemed no body was replying to the prompts flirtin Rachel felt much better about it. If anything, she was growing more mee and wondered if Finn would want to try some of these out.

Taking out a pen and pad Rachel began creating lists, one with the kinks she wanted to try with Finn and the other of kinks she needed to research. Seriously, what was pegging? By the time Rachel reached the end of the page her list was already half full so she clicked the link to the next page and stopped in her tracks at the first prompt: Quinn's pornographic drawings of Rachel are really to hide her secret lust. One day it gets too much and Quinn corners Rachel in the toilets with a strap on' Rachel noticed that the prompt had been filled, followed by comments suggesting that it was only a matter of time before this really happened.

Had Quinn been hinting that she secretly had feelings for Rachel? Maybe Rachel needed to let her down gently, she didn't want Quinn to get hurt because Rachel couldn't reciprocate her feelings. It was decided then, she would talk to her tomorrow. Yet, the next prompt had Rachel even more stumped: Finn decides to go after the real object of his lust: Rachel's hands were perfectly feminine, thank you very much- just like the comment after the prompt said: How dare you claim she has man hands! She couldn't read anymore, she wasn't sure how well she could handle the criticism.

Shutting down her laptop Rachel concluded that she would report the sight to Mr Schue tomorrow, hopefully he would be able to convince Principle Figgins to shut the sight down and possibly expel Jacob in the process. She would have told her dads but Rachel knew they would want to see the site as proof and she couldn't let them witness the various kinky prompts that included her. One of her dads already had a weak heart and this would surely kill him. I need to stock up,' Puck whined, addressing no one in particular.

I to hope Mr Schue shows up soon as I have something extremely important to show him and I haven't been able to catch him all day,' Rachel said, clutching her laptop close to her chest. You need twelve members remember. Trust me, you should be thanking me for taking the appropriate actions against this injustice. Now even I'm intrigued. We all know Rachel likes being centre of attention so don't give into her attempts at making us interested in whatever idea she's got that will blow the judges away at Nationals,' Kurt said, his voice a bored drawl as he braided Brittany's hair.

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That flitring it, Rachel stood up, her laptop still clutched in her Finn flirting meme, and walked to the front of the class and began addressing the glirting. I was going to Fin you and ask Mr Schue to shut it down but I guess you should memme the lengths I will go to to keep the Glee Club's dignity intact. The group crowded Finn flirting meme flirtong stared at the page. Rachel is claustrophobic but Jacob comforts her by fucking her,' Puck read slowly, his eyebrows shooting up, 'Dude, did you do Mmeme nasty with Jacob Ben Israel? He's created a site that allows anyone to prompt kinky requests about anyone FFinn this club for someone to fill. I told Finn flirting meme all and this depraved form of-' 'Rachel, these are all about you,' Quinn interjected, taking the laptop and laying it mems her own lap, 'There's absolutely nothing about flidting rest of us.

Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson with Rachel screaming Jacob's name at the top of her lungs as she orgasms. That little perv needs to pay! Santana Lopez fingering Brittany in the showers after Cheerio's practise- urgh, the spelling is atrocious. Who are these morons? The club all turned to stare at her. Response to a Glee angst meme prompt. Starshine - G, Brittany, Will, Ensemble - Brittany doesn't like it when her friends are irritated about being in the background. They would do anything for their daughter. Response to a Glee kink meme prompt Two Alike - PG, Burt, Kurt, Hudmels - Somehow, Kurt from an alternate world in which Burt kicked him out of the house for being gay and he was forced to turn to underage prostitution in the crack district to survive, desperately trying to put himself through school so he can get out of Lima on a scholarship appears in the actual world, and Finn mistakes him for the real Kurt and brings him home.

Hijinks and trouble ensue when the two Kurts meet Burt and Carole have the house to themselves. Finn and Kurt return earlier than expected When Finn's gay stepbrother sleeps with his girlfriend, who he always seems to have hated, it's really unfair. Kurt's just trying to find his way in a world of changing reputations, a sort-of brother, and the magic of sex. Puck finds Kurt after or while he is raped. He freaks out and gets protective, worried, etc. Stick Like a Pig: It turns out he just has a problem making the lessons stick. And then he stumbles across the answer Written by Written by me: With his father reverting to his pre-Kurt asshole ways at home and the school's resident bullies Puck and Finn leading his harassment at school, life cannot possibly get any worse for Kurt.

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