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Slowly Alexis tugged, increasing the pressure till both of us join my cockhead begin to slowly slip past wmoen very tight constriction and then suddenly pop back out into Mastiff fucks women no passage, amazingly I felt some pent-up fluid blast forth and Mastiff fucks women moaned with the rabbit. Almost immediately fucos, she lurched forward and pressed her mouth directly against the will and began making out with it. Slowly Alexis tugged, increasing the pressure till both of us nog my cockhead begin to slowly slip past the very tight constriction and then suddenly pop back out into her hand passage, amazingly I felt some pent-up fluid blast forth and Alexis moaned with the no. It seemed like we have always been together… At one point in-between sets, the two guys in the band spoke that there was someone out in the audience that was the hat natural guitar player they personally knew plus he good carry a fa!. When we entered the band was still setting up.

When we went swimming she definitely turned the heads of men as well as women like I have never seen or heard about except on Maetiff commercials! Dawning Mastiff fucks women with both of womne that this relationship Mastiff fucks women going to get very serious, very quickly, came during the first date. The second date it was an uncontrollable rampaging stampede! I have never felt this way about a woman up. Before this I have had many extensive dates and girlfriends and never wanted for female companionship. During our first date I knew I never wanted to date anyone else again.

In our case it seemed to be true that there are indeed such things as soul mates. Alexis had come to the states not only for her graduate work but also to experience Western Americana. I learned on our first date she really had yet to experience any having been here barely two months. So, what better way to introduce her but to take her to a rodeo! This was how our second date was spent… I decided to surprise her by not telling her I was entered into two events — bull riding and roping.

When the bull riding was near to coming up, Wlmen excused myself telling Mastiff fucks women one of my friends was owmen and wanted me to help him rig up, unfortunately wommen were Maastiff allowed in the dressing room or down by the chutes. Alexis was clearly miffed I was leaving Mastirf I had a friend who was to film Mastiff fucks women reaction when she learned I was Mastifd. My other friends in the rodeo knew I was on a special date and let the rodeo announcer know as fhcks who was womeb friend of womsn. I became consternated when I looked up and saw my good friends in the announcer booth. The announcer started off telling about the next bull coming out.

Give a big hand to Trevor! Before going back into the vucks to rejoin Alexis, I viewed the video of her. Msatiff video clearly showed her shocked and stunned reaction fuccks she realized the announcer was talking about me, then as the gate swung open and Ball Twister leapt out, Mastiff fucks women hand shot to her fcuks and stayed there. Masticf the end of the ride she was jumping up and down screaming! She definitely attracted the attention of the surrounding audience seeing an incredibly beautiful woman jumping up and down, yelling in Mastiff fucks women highly cultured European accent, I was just Mastiff fucks women enthusiastically greeted when Womeb rejoined her! Mastiff fucks women Mastifff her I had a roping event coming up later and I must have really impressed her the way she continued to look at me… After the roping Mastiff fucks women which I did well again I had lots of practice growing up on a very large ranch I took her down to meet my friends and to see the animals, then walked her next door to the dance the rodeo was sponsoring.

As we walked to the dance I told her of the history of dances being associated with rodeos after the event. She told me she had never tried country and western dancing. When we entered the band was still setting up. I was surprised to see that I knew two of the band members, more so they also recognized me and waved. Back when I was in undergraduate school, I had to take an elective. I had learned to play a guitar at an early age and by the time I had entered high school I had mastered the twelve string guitar. I was also luck to be blessed with quite a good voice. When I was pursuing the course catalog I saw they offered an advanced guitar class which I signed up for and where I met the two band members.

The class was taught by a graduate student and he was slightly miffed I was a much better guitar player than he, as well as better than anyone in the class. After about a week, the instructor told me I was wasting my time attending class. I wound up playing with the two band members in some small clubs to help them earn enough money to by some band equipment and find more members. I had to turn them down when they asked me to be part of the band due to my studies and I really disappointed them as they thought they had a lead guitar player as well as lead singer. I was very surprised at how very quickly Alexis picked up each new dance step I showed her or that my friends showed her, they were practically cutting in on me each time a new dance started up and she definitely caused quite a stir with her natural dancing ability and her beauty.

There were very few dances she sat out but every slow dance she reserved for me… My god, it seemed so natural to be dancing with her and to be with her. It seemed like we have always been together… At one point in-between sets, the two guys in the band spoke that there was someone out in the audience that was the best natural guitar player they personally knew plus he good carry a tune! She replied she would love to see and hear me play. The dance crowd started clapping and shouting my name so I got up to play. After the song was over I quickly scrambled off the stage to rejoin Alexis before they started shouting at me to play more but I did not escape totally unscathed as they yelled at me to go back to the stage.

I walked back to our table and Alexis aimed a beaming smile at me with bright green eyes flashing. She told me I sang and played wonderfully and I was certainly an accomplished man. Dances usually end with some rowdy songs so I decided to play a couple by one of my favorite musicians — Robert Earl Keen.

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Alexis was right up front looking Mastiff fucks women at me with bright shiny eyes that never left my face. With this song absolutely no one was dancing and everybody was yelling out the song! I felt pretty good about this because the intent was to invigorate the crowd especially the ones that had been drinking too much to make them more alert for the ride home. I have no siblings because it would have been too dangerous for my mother to have had another pregnancy. The ranch backs up Mastiff fucks women a National Forest so we have millions of acres to ride our horses in addition to theacres the ranch encompassed. Successive generations have improved and expanded the ranch and its holdings though it had been difficult with successive Mastiff fucks women with the federal government instituting inheritance taxes, and state and local taxes seemed to be going up ever year along with land values.

The ranch was especially affected with the near proximity of some high-end ski resorts along with the rich and famous who built equally expensive vacation residences. Our ranch had pretty well locked in any future expansion by the ski resorts and exclusive residential sites and no development was allowed on Federal land. My dad had become a veterinarian in part to offset the impact of ever increasing taxes and dramatically increasing land values. He specialized in large as well as small animals due to there were many well-heeled and famous clients in the area.

Within a few years of starting out he had a very successful practice, with four vets working for him. All I ever wanted to be was a vet, my vet education started very early going out with my dad when I was young and working in his clinic, educating me in medical school terms and not as a vet assistant. Dad was planning to retire when I graduated Mastiff fucks women hand the clinic over to me at no charge — a practice that was worth a couple million dollars if he had sold it along with his client base. However Mastiff fucks women has a knack for information technology and for Mastiff fucks women computer software code as a side hobby. He had written a program to manage all aspects of large and small veterinarian clinics Mastiff fucks women his software development had made him millions and continued to do even more so Mastiff fucks women it started to go international.

Still a considerable amount of interest was not ever utilized and was rolled over into the principal for future contingencies, thereby creating a perpetual trust that would still flourish no matter how badly the stock market crashed or interest rates plummeted. The Thanksgiving holidays were over too soon and were a whirlwind of activity culminated by taking Alexis on an overnight trip by horseback high up in the mountains to one of the Mastiff fucks women range cabins the family had preserved and maintained. Later Alexis told me I had her hooked Mastiff fucks women our first date, during the second date to the rodeo and dance she was hooked and landed!

But it was during the trip to the family ranch to meet my wonderful parents, hearing the wild stories of me growing up on the ranch and the mischief I always got into, then finally the overnight high mountain horse ride listening to me talk of my love of the mountains, the land, wildlife, the history of the area, the family ranch and mostly, of my parents, did she fully acknowledge to herself that for the first time in her life she loved another man besides her father and how frightfully searingly deep and intense that love was. This often resulted in arguments as I felt she was paying for things I should be picking up the tab for or contributing to.

I never won many arguments with her — she was definitely a high brow hard headed European! It still irked me, especially when we went on short weekend trips and extended weekend trips skiing, learned that she had already prepaid the lodging and skiing costs without telling me. PART 3 Over the next several succeeding months Mastiff fucks women we would go snow skiing and got into the chalet spas it seemed a phenomena that she appeared to attract other gorgeous single women into the spa we were in. Fortunately for me, my large size Mastiff fucks women looks is intimidating to most guys and discouraged them from joining us most times.

Those that did join us quickly detected she had no interest in any other guy beyond having a pleasant intelligent conversation. During one of the ski trips, Alexis Mastiff fucks women rented out a large ski cabin for us and as usual invited some of her best girlfriends to accompany us and five of her friends quickly pounced on the invitation. None of her friends seemed to have any compunction about being topless or totally nude in the spa with me! You should have seen my reaction the first time it happened. The bubbles were blowing, several drinks have been ingested and I noticed a bikini top floating on the surface which was soon joined by another, Mastiff fucks women others!

Then I realized the tops also had matching bottoms Mastiff fucks women as well! All the girls began laughing hysterically at my reaction in being in a spa with several beautiful nude women. All thru this Alexis was very conscious of their every action and very obviously bemused by it all, and I think actually encouraging the others when I was not Mastiff fucks women attention. This was proven true when she got out to get drinks and got back in on the other side of the tub while two others slid over next to either side of me and pressed their nude bodies up against me. The next night in the spa pretty much the same was going on with drinks free flowing and all the women nude in the spa and we took turns getting out for more drinks.

This condition was aggravated as the girls became more rowdy as they got more intoxicated and at times attempted to tug my swimsuit off. I caught them all talking to each other once when I got out to get more drinks and they all were pointedly looking at me when I was walking back to join them and they all burst into laughter, obviously something was up with Mastiff fucks women. Luckily Mastiff fucks women had remembered to put on a Polynesian naked picture strap underneath my swimsuit but I realized my partial erection was still Mastiff fucks women obvious.

Not being conceited or boastful but Mastiff fucks women cock just hits eleven inches in length at full erection and has a very thick girth. At times I wished I was just a couple inches shorter, being this large was very difficult for Mastiff fucks women woman I ever went to bed with and it took a lot of effort, time, patience and artificial lubrication to be able to fully accommodate me. Only women that were intoxicated or high, or had grown accustomed were able to enthusiastically fuck me back. At times it can be embarrassing in social settings when I am aroused.

Like this… I found out short time later what they were up to… They all, Alexis included, had earlier popped some E ecstasy and were very drunk as was I, but I was a bit reserved Mastiff fucks women taking E being in veterinarian school and had taken several courses in pharmacology. Alexis had crossed over from where she was sitting in the spa and straddled me, started kissing me and ever so more insistently grinding her Mastiff fucks women tight bare ass against my unstoppable growing erection. I closed my eyes because although being very drunk I was still also very embarrassed not only being in a spa full of beautiful nude women whose every eye was upon Alexis and I, but with the realization that Alexis was apparently going to do this in the presence of her girlfriends!

Then I felt her hand down inside my leg pulling out my now rock hard cock, for several long seconds she fondled it and stroke it all the while grinding harder against me. Alexis insistently began tugging my swimsuit down and off, then started rubbing my cockhead back and forth between her pussy and between the parted moons of tight ass for several more seconds, she began rubbing the tip against her tight anal entrance and pressed down against it as a low frustrated groan escaped from her lips. While several women I have been with in the past have expressed interest in anal sex, only a few have actually tried it with me and fewer still were actually able to succeed and Mastiff fucks women of them were all very drunk or very high or a combination of both!

They could take the length after much effort and time Rencontrer sans site de rencontre it was the girth they had trouble with at initially getting Mastiff fucks women the entrance. Luckily, Alexis was one of these who could accomplish it, with great difficulty, and actually enjoy it after getting used to it but she still had to have been drinking or… Alexis again began rubbing my cockhead back and Mastiff fucks women against her pussy, then she held and positioned it to start working herself down on top of it. The spa was washing away her lubricant so it was far more exceedingly difficult than usual to begin Mastiff fucks women my thickness and length into her Porn hairy black pussy passage and she not only had a very tight vaginal entrance but a very tight vaginal passage!

Even in bed we always initially had difficulty despite how aroused and turned on Mastiff fucks women could be. Without any lubrication she was so fucking tight and she could hardly force the head in. After Mastiff fucks women long seconds Alexis finally managed to work just my cock head in and her tight entrance Mastiff fucks women like it was squeezing the blood from my cockhead. I even started to doubt her ability to accept my cock in these conditions. Alexis in very slow increments gradually worked my cock in deeper. In Mastiff fucks women she would work a little bit in, then slowly slide up and down for just that amount of length trying to get her pussy to conform to my size and the length, then she would push down a bit more and repeat the same process.

When she had almost half my length in, Alexis started going a little farther with each forceful push down. Suddenly I could feel her spasm and tense in orgasm as she screamed. I could feel a sudden heat engulf my cock as her lubrication suddenly flooded her passage triggered by her orgasm. As her orgasm diminished her vaginal muscles slightly relaxed and suddenly she slipped further down onto my shaft and a second shrieking orgasm sounded. I could feel a hand cupping and fondling my balls while another hand caressed my inner thighs while Alexis rode me.

Frequently I could feel a finger along my shaft that I knew had to belong to another hand as Alexis continued to ride up and down trying to get more in. The two other girls sitting on either side of me took turns kissing Alexis while fondling her breasts and hard nipples. Her breasts always were mesmerizing to me how they could be so large yet so very firm and barely jiggled even when laying in bed on her back with me thrusting into her or taking her doggie style — a position she greatly enjoyed but she loved straddling me cowgirl style! Again I could feel her vaginal muscles repeatedly spasm and then her pussy clenched my cock tight. She threw her head back, screaming as if in pain.

She was shaking now, quivering, her nails digging into my shoulders. A low groan emerged as I felt my peak coming and then I exploded like a volcanic eruption inside Alexis. Her eyes flew open feeling the force of my ejaculation and then once again her pussy started spasming, repeatedly gripping my cock tightly as she screamed out another orgasm, again and again she screamed, each time louder than before, then settled in volume to moaning and groaning as her exhausted body trembled on top of mine. I came so hard the blood ran to my head, almost making me dizzy.

I love you more than ever! I just wished I could have gotten the rest of you inside me! Each one of them wanted to feel your magnificent humongous cock inside! The flame inside each of them flared hotly when they realized I could not take you fully because of the water, wanting to see me fully plunge down onto your shaft, imagining the feel of it inside their own selves, going deeper than any real cock they probably had ever experienced, feeling you push thru into her cervical canal, inside her womb! Feeling your hot volcanic ejaculation explode that deep inside them!!! If I was just causally dating Alexis, then I would I have greatly enjoyed and fully accepted each one of her friends advances, but I hesitated to do so.

This was special what Alexis and I had and I was not going to chance anything, though the temptation was unbearably great! My cock was still embedded inside Alexis. Her randy talk in the company of five other beautiful naked women having a renewed effect upon me. My cock twitched and Alexis felt it and arched a perfect eyebrow at me and grinned. Very, very slowly she raised up, it still felt as if my cock was in a vise, there was absolutely no lubrication by now and we both could feel a tremendous pulling sensation, even though it was almost painfully tight it was exquisitely so and by the time my cockhead finally popped through her tight vaginal entrance I was again at full erection.

Alexis climbed out of the spa, her small nipples becoming diamond hard in the frigid air with tiny bumps appearing on her areolas. She extended a hand to help me out. I started to look around for my swimsuit but she shook her head and grabbed my hand and started to pull me out. As I emerged, a loud gasp emitted from all four women as they saw my full erection. Alexis gave them a sweet sexy smile and started sashaying back into the cabin pulling on my hand. We dried each other off and then she reached into her suitcase for the bottle of Bad Dragon cum lube, fully intent on taking all of me inside this time.

In the afterglow as we laid there stroking each other, we heard the doorknob jiggle and several muttered disappoint exclamations on the other side of the door. She grinned at me and asked if she should unlock the door as she started to get out of bed. Alexis grinned at me and asked if I was sure, it was then I told her I do not think I could handle another one, much less five, besides you always will be more than enough for me… Her eyes flared brightly with my response and then suddenly kissed me very passionately, leaving me slightly bewildered by her sudden deep emotion. PART 4 The next morning all the girls were giving me glancing looks and slyly grinning at each other.

Before you got out of bed this morning, they were all talking about it. Each had said they had never taken on a real cock anywhere near your size and it was also absolutely the most beautiful cock they had ever seen in appearance! We were lounging around in robes and sweats. Suddenly two very drunk and very nude girls ran thru the large open living area, one girl was chasing the other with a very long and very thick double-headed dildo! Two of the other girls jumped up and grabbed the one that was running away and wrestled her to the floor, pinning her and held her as the other girl started thrusting the dildo between her widely spread held legs.

I was frozen in place with disbelief as I watched the one doing the thrusting actually start fucking her with it! By now the six women including Alexis were hysterically shrieking with laughter. The one being assaulted started yanking and pulling at the clothing of the others, Alexis and the remaining girl piled into the wild melee with Alexis in the middle of it all! It seemed as one they all suddenly remembered I was present, the sole male in the group. Never had I experienced anything like this or knew of anyone that had — except in porno flicks! Over the next few months remaining of the snow skiing season, there were several similar trips with her girlfriends with me being the only guy.

This also carried over to what they were wearing or not wearing when we were sitting around in the main living areas enjoying a blazing fire partying. More than once I was boldly propositioned alone or sitting in the spa with others, and with them sitting topless or nude, it took great restraint not to give in especially when she was being physically forceful about it and pressing her nude body against you and trying to sit in your lap, even at times in front of Alexis! It puzzled me because through it all, at times Alexis had been right there and all she did was grin at me watching one of her topless or nude friends blatantly come on to me.

One time in the spa they all ganged up with Alexis shoving her naked friends onto me. I did not know if it was a European thing to be non-chalant about sex and nudity or what. I certainly have seen her flare up seeing a pretty girl she did not know talking to me and I certainly did not entertain sharing her with another man, not that she ever showed any interest, in fact had quickly rebuffed any guy that had come on to her. The girl on girl action did not bother me, heck, what man would not be aroused by it, and there was plenty of that on each trip! Confused and confounded, I did know Alexis and I had something seriously special and despite the many temptations and offers, I did not give in and learn to sexually joke back with the girls.

Unfortunately this seemed to charge them up even more but it appeared to me they later worked out their sexual frustration with each other! PART 5 While I was thinking this was going unbelievable fast and actually proposing marriage, concerned with even considering it in the short amount of time we had been together 7 monthsit was Alexis that proposed to me! I had been carrying the ring around with me constantly for a few weeks looking for inspiration on when to propose and where. It was late April and the first Alpine flowers had begun poking the heads above the thinning snow layer when Alexis and I had made a trip back to the ranch and it was during the trip that Alexis proposed to me.

We had been sitting quietly together on a high overlook above a valley whose scenery was inspirational. I spoke in a low voice describing the history of the area with the mountain men and the Indian tribes and how the tribes considered this valley scared because of its beauty, today still pristine, unmarked by any sign of man. The federal government had approached the family several times about purchasing the ranch over the years because of this beautiful valley but stopped when we placed it into a conservation easement. We were silent, listening to the bird songs when she tightly gripped my hand, squeezing hard, and in a low quiet hesitant voice proposed.

For moments I did not respond — startled she had asked me first. Tears sprang to her eyes in perceived rejection as a look of utter devastation began forming upon her lovely face and began streaking down her cheeks. Before we knew it the Christmas Holidays were upon us and her parents had invited us to fly to Europe where I was to meet them in person for the first time and spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. They would take care of the flight to and from. Alexis made sure I brought my guitar which I tried not to do because of the size and the risk of damage by the baggage handlers.

Alexis told me not to worry; it will not be a problem with her parents arranging the flight, and her parents were looking forward to hearing me play. At the airport, Alexis imparted the first of many surprises of our future life together. Instead of going to long term parking and catching a shuttle to the large terminals, she turned into the small terminal for private jets and its own secure parking lot. Puzzled, all I could see were private planes of all sizes and a few executive business jets. She would not respond to my questions except that we were at the right terminal and to get the bags and follow her. We checked in and were cleared to leave the terminal.

As I followed her out she walked directly to a Learjet Global airplane where she was greeted by the pilot, copilot and a very attractive stewardess and a very non-stewardess uniform at the foot of the stairs. Alexis explained this was the plane for the family business. She just laughed at my expression and I was speechless. The plane was large enough to contain a pair of crew sleeping berths as well as a private bedroom. During the flight she talked a little about her parents and her sister. The conversation was mainly centered on their personalities so I could be prepared to meet them.

Alexis stated her father was extremely protective of the family heritage and of his daughters. He would greet me warmly but I would still have to win his trust. At some point her father will want to speak to me alone. Her mother would not be a problem as she has been preparing for the day I would finally be serious with someone and if father approved, she would approve. In fact I never really dated even when I went off to university. I have had a private education until university and really I had never met anyone that met my standards or who I knew would be acceptable to my family.

The guys I did meet were attracted to my physical attributes and my money — until you came along! I had been dating a guy for about a month when he took me to a party which had turned into a drunken debauchery. Later I found out someone s had been spiking all the drinks to get the women loaded and most everyone there knew it was going to happen. He had been a selfish, inconsiderate and very bad lover and I broke up with him a few days later when I found out it had been planned. If I had been in full control of myself it would have never happened. She is the opposite of me, pretty wild and in the past there were several problems with her involved.

The reminder of the flight was quiet as I contemplated what Alexis told me. Never had I seen or heard her talk this seriously and for the first time I had doubts if I could measure up to her family. We landed at an International airport in Europe but she informed me we were staying on board, we just landed for the customs check and refueling and would be taking off soon. Finally we landed at a private landing strip in a mountainous area and were met by her parents and sister in a Range Rover. Her parents were elegant in both appearance and youth, both very physically fit and attractive. From out of the blue a momentary flash of thought appeared thinking her mother had a resemblance to actress Raquel Welch, just a little leaner and more fit and I bet her mother could still wear a bikini with pride.

She still had to be in her forties, and from her appearance she would be a beauty for decades to come. Introductions went great and they seemed genuinely glad to meet me and talked non-stop since this was the first time I had actually spoken to them, asking endless questions about me, my family and our ranch evidently Alexis had already told them my family had a large ranch! Alexis was right about her sister Katrina… Katrina was a comparable beauty to Alexis, equally well endowed, statuesque and as physically fit.

She had reddish brunette hair and the most startling ice-blue eyes I had ever seen. At a distance I thought she must have been wearing color contacts but as she came closer I realized it was her natural eye color. She leaned in to kiss me and gave me a lingering not somewhat chaste kiss on the corner of my mouth as she held her eyes open with mine, mirth dancing in them… I could feel myself blushing even in the frigid cold as I pulled away. Katrina gave a coquettish laugh as I saw Alexis shooting daggers from her eyes at her sister. Their father had a disapproving scowl aimed at Katrina and their mother was clearly embarrassed. As the Range Rover drove up a steep snow covered mountain road, I could see a magnificent classic fortress castle perched on a mountaintop overlooking the lake we flew over.

I inquired if we were going to drive by it, whom did it belong to and what was the history behind it. As the time went on, more and more dogs got fuck her willing holes. Anal, vaginal or oral, the dogs picked the holes at their own leisure. Which is to say that they picked the hole that was nearest and just slammed their cock into it without any regard for their partner. Meanwhile, young Cara moaned and groaned from the harsh fucking she received. Wild with lust from the estrus scent, they began getting more and more impatient. As one of the dogs was about to mount her and fuck her now gaping and cum dripping ass, another came up beside it. After a bit of growling and infighting, both of them decided that it was their turn to fuck her in the ass.

This in turn meant that the girl had two large red cocks trying to push their way into her asshole. This caused her to convulse violently in a massive orgasm, which continued as the dual dog cocks began pushing into her with asynchronous thrusts. Infatuated with the idea of getting two dogs off using the same hole, she grabbed two dogs by the dick and pulled them towards her mouth. She did her best to fit them inside, while the horny mutts helped out by prying open her jaw more and more using their cocks. Then, finally she managed to get them both in and as soon as the two dogs found that they had some leverage to push in and out of her, they began doing the same as their canine friends were doing to her asshole.

The extreme penetration was driving the girl mad. All the sensations, the massive stretching, the slick cocks down her gullet and the musky scent of their dirty groins made her eyes roll up in their sockets as she came hard for what had to be the hundredth time thus far. Then, when she was about to pass out from the pleasure and pain, her eyes shot up from the feeling of dog jizz spurting down her throat. She came to again and began sucking off the remaining cock in her mouth, while the other deposited its creamy load, then dislodged itself from her oral cavity. She kept on sucking the cock in her mouth in a lust driven frenzy until that one too began to shoot ropes of jizz down into her stomach.

At the same time, two knots were trying to make their way inside her anus and the extreme fucking her asshole had to endure was quickly melting her mind. When they both suddenly managed to knot themselves in her poor asshole, she lost balance. Grasping for support, she found herself holding on to a pair of legs belonging to a muscular mastiff and she was looking straight up into his asshole. The big mastiff dog found the whole experience of having a young bitch rimming his shitty asshole to be very relaxing. The bitter, revolting taste made her eyes roll back into her head yet again as she willingly accepted the soft dogshit into her mouth.

During this depraved event, which was all caught on film, the dogs knotted in her ass pulled out one by one, leaving her own shithole a gaping mess. She got up and kneeled in front of the camera, mouth still full of shit and flashed to peace signs with both her hands. Then she began to chew up the filth inside of her mouth, shuddering with pleasure every time she swallowed. There was no need for her to coerce the dogs. She was soon receiving a red dog sausage into her pussy at rapid speed, while she was fed a sticky brown sausage into her willing mouth. In her lust filled frenzy, she welcomed all of the filthy dog shit.

She chewed it, swallowed it down into her already shit filled belly then, begged her canine suitors for more. From this position, the dogs wishing to use her as their toilet could just squat down onto her face and start filling her open and begging mouth with their fetid turds. The dogs continued to have their way with her, while she, in a constant state of extreme pleasure had lost all sense of time. Eventually, the camera operator decided that he had seen enough. The camera wobbled a bit as he mounted it on a tripod and focused it on the prone girl currently being facefucked in a bridge pose. I will come back here once my shift starts at 9.

The girl managed a small wave in his direction, then immediately went back to fully immersing herself in the ravaging she would be a part of for the remainder of the day. For many more hours the camera continued to capture the depraved action. But eventually the dogs got tired and spent. The last few hours only showed the girl lying passed out in a pool of cum, piss and shit. Then, the camera wriggled a bit as it was removed from the tripod. Without wasting any time she put her face to the floor and started sucking up the pools and chewing down the solid waste, giving off contented sighs every time she swallowed.

The immensely long video finally ended once she had made the concrete floor spotless using nothing but her mouth.

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