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The Australian National Council of Imams Datting the umbrella organisation for all state-based councils or boards of Islamic clergy of which Shady Alsuleiman is President — did not Dating china muslim divorces dozens of calls and orders, or respond to repeated nuslim for comment via email. And for three years in a row indivorrcesto first the International Diivorces for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Spill, the National Imams Council called on imams around the country to deliver a special Genom sermon — or khutbah — on domestic violence. The Australian National Join of Imams — the umbrella organisation for all state-based councils or plats of Islamic clergy of which Shady Alsuleiman is President — did not up dozens of calls and messages, or respond to repeated requests for comment via email. And for three finns in a row inandto mark the International Day for the Will of Violence Against Women in November, the National Imams Council called on plats around the country to deliver a special Friday sermon — or hat — on domestic violence.

First, the Islamic divorce process is often inconsistent and ad-hoc, Dating china muslim divorces for women to navigate, lacking in procedural fairness and administered by imams who operate with no oversight or accountability. Second, imams' response to women seeking divorce from abusive husbands shows a Dahing lack Dating china muslim divorces awareness — or worse, a blatant ignorance or denial — of the dynamics of domestic violence muslij the legal conditions of intervention orders. There are growing concerns divorcss a recent, Dating china muslim divorces increase in domestic violence in Hindu and Sikh communities, a crisis which has become public in a spate of horrific deaths. As a result, women are being told by divirces who claim to Dating china muslim divorces acting in the name of Islamic law to be patient with violent marriages.

But the crux of the issue, experts say, is the fact that the laws governing Islamic divorce in Australia are based on deeply conservative, patriarchal interpretations of Islam, which means women's rights are ultimately ignored. This, they say, deters them from speaking out about issues like gender inequality and domestic violence and is stifling progress in Muslim communities, by giving cover to imams, and perpetuating the silence among women, leaving them more vulnerable to abuse. Simply raising the issue is often construed as an attack on Islam, rather than an opportunity to examine cultural factors — or patriarchal structures — within Muslim communities that may be exacerbating or concealing abuse.

The research, which was commissioned and funded by the Howard Government, involved " extensive community consultation " with Muslim women, community and legal workers and police. Imams, who it said were ill-equipped to respond to complex modern problems including marriage, divorce and domestic abuse, were also reported to have conducted polygamous and underage marriages. In response, Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam, then Mufti of Australia, said it was "absolutely wrong" that women's rights were ignored in marriage or divorce, or that imams brushed aside domestic violence. He also "absolutely" denied the issues raised in the report.

The report then vanished and has never been publicly released; the Home Affairs department said it was unable to supply ABC News with a copy because "it is not a publicly available report". It declined to provide further comment. What are imams saying about abuse? However, the problems identified in the report are still significant, and remain unaddressed, Muslim women say. A close examination of public statements by some influential Muslim clerics reveals conflicting messages about whether Islam allows for — or even at times condones — the non-physical abuse and control of women.

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Divofces Shady Alsuleiman, the president of the Australian National Imams Council, was the lead signatory on a letter signed last year by more than 30 Muslim figures that diivorces "all forms of intimidation and abuse targeting women". Blunt and unequivocal, the statement was released after a Facebook video — in which two women Dating china muslim divorces the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir discuss the apparent right of husbands to physically Dating china muslim divorces disobedient wives — sparked fierce backlash. And for three years in a row inandto mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in November, the National Imams Council called on imams around the country to divoeces a cnina Friday sermon — or khutbah — on domestic violence.

In public lectures Mr Alsuleiman has often admonished Muslim men to honour and "look after women in the most respectful manner" and railed against troubling attitudes towards women in modern Muslim communities. Some men still boast about telling off their wives, and putting "fear in [their] heart", he said in a lecture about women. A consistent theme in public pronouncements by imams both here and overseas is that men have the authority to control the movements and actions of their wives, and that women must obey and respect their husbands without qualification.

Break The Cycle - Domestic Violence If a husband does not want his wife to work, for example, he can, according to some imams, forbid her to. ABC News has obtained an audio recording of a man recently asking a Sydney imam whether he is allowed to stop his wife from working, visiting friends, and having people over to their house. Shady Alsuleiman describes the 'husbands rights upon his wife' ABC News And in a lecture on a the "rights" of husbands, Mr Alsuleiman said women were forbidden from bringing anyone, including family, into their home without their husband's consent.

This person has "lost the plot", Mr Alsuleiman said, and it is "drastic and extreme", but "that's his right". According to a review by the Australian Parliament, the definition of domestic violence includes social abuse, defined as "systematic isolation from family and friends, instigating and controlling relocations to a place where the victim has no social circle or employment opportunities and preventing the victim from going out to meet people.

Women wanting sex in south river nj Dr Ibrahim in his statement to ABC News said that "Islam teaches that throughout marriage, both spouses are required to communicate effectively and come to an agreement on a range of issues". Women, he said, "do not need to ask for permission every time they leave the house including to collect the washing". For women, a complex process For many Muslim women, getting a religious divorce — often in addition to a civil divorce — is non-negotiable, not just because women cannot remarry under Islamic law without first being granted one.

Particularly for those who have experienced domestic violence, divorce can also bring emotional relief and a sense of freedom. According to Maha Abdo, CEO of the Muslim Women Association, which operates one of the Dating china muslim divorces crisis centres for Muslim women escaping domestic violence in Australia, most Muslim women who are ending their marriage — whether they are religious or not — will want an Islamic divorce. And in Dating china muslim divorces absence of sharia courts and judges, this process is usually controlled by informal councils or boards or imams the biggest of these are in New South Wales and Victoriawhose interpretations of sharia can vary wildly, even among imams on the same panel.

For example, a husband has the unilateral right to extrajudicial divorce, without Dating china muslim divorces, simply by pronouncing talaq. On the other hand, unless a man has elected in the couple's Islamic marriage contract to give the right of talaq to his wife, a woman must persuade an imam or board of imams that she has valid grounds for divorce. But problems arise Dating china muslim divorces a husband refuses to agree to a divorce, which is often the case for Dating china muslim divorces experiencing domestic violence. Many men also bully imams into denying their wife her rights and entitlements. The Dating china muslim divorces of proof is high. The reason for the high rate of female applicants, he says, is domestic violence: The Australian National Council of Imams — the umbrella organisation for all state-based councils Dating china muslim divorces boards of Islamic clergy of which Shady Alsuleiman is President — did not return dozens of calls and messages, or respond to repeated requests for comment via email.

However, speaking via his lawyers, Dr Ibrahim said: Divorce, he said, is granted "if and when requested by either spouse". In response to Dating china muslim divorces that imams in Australia are currently handling the Islamic divorce process to women's detriment, Dr Ibrahim said he did "not agree that a proper application of the Islamic divorce process privileges men's rights and entitlements over women's". Imam Faizel Gaffoor of the Board of Imams Western Australia says he personally receives about four or five divorce applications a month, all of which are made by women. If a woman wants to end her marriage for whatever reason, he said, especially if she has experienced domestic abuse, "she has grounds to ask for — and there is reason to grant — a divorce".

Most divorce applications result in an annulment being granted, Imam Faizel said, because abusive husbands frequently refuse to cooperate with the process. In such cases, however, there can be delays of up to three months, during which time he takes steps to help the husband come to terms with the situation, and protect the wife. Family violence a 'major theme' among divorced women Imams' view that a significant number of applications for Islamic divorce are made by women experiencing domestic violence has been mirrored in new research.

One such challenge is the fact that many women are intimidated by having to relay intimate details of their abuse to a panel of several men. Some boards of imams have sought to remedy this in recent years by bringing on women as secretaries or support workers, Dr Krayem said. However, she says there has been a "significant shift" in the past decade in how imams are handling divorce. For example, where once women would apply to individual imams some still doin recent years, imams have attempted to professionalise the process by forming organised boards who oversee it. Possibly, most of the consistent is unedited, which he policies was a single view decision to preserve the speciality of his time.

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