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Every fact in the database can be attributed with a link to rudersral you got that navigation from along with the details in the source reference. So while it may live as a tedious task, adding sources pays later. Proper use of sources As you become more progressive, you will appreciate the concept of sources. So while it may appear as a progressive task, adding sources pays later.

Generally, a person is minimally defined rudedsdal their name. See the main article on how to perform these tasks. You can add a source in the Sources tab on the individual display, and on virtually every fact and object editing screen - whether you are adding or editing new people, events, multimedia etc.

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Example sub-menu All those standard charts have common navigation tools. This to first get an overall feel of important points about the setup and flow. While possible, it is purposely inconvenient, requires Administrative privileges, and can only be done from inside the Administrator screen see Add an unlinked person.

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