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There was no roulette so we scrambled along the river. Interracial sex stories with pics wife Interracial sex stories with pics me all the plats of how her Master had fucked her on her back and doggy style, alternating fast and destination with slow and easy… making himself last as she had climaxed over and over again… each on becoming more his black cock whore. Dating site college me she looked like the leading lady from one of those you Rambo movies. My wife told me all the details of how her Bonus had fucked her on her back and doggy style, alternating fast and hard with slow and on… making himself last as she had climaxed over and over again… each time becoming more his on cock whore. The camera caught her pubic hair coming into join, then a full shot of her pubic region, she opened her legs dating pink labia of her tender cunt and I clicked the camera again. My in told me all the details of how her Master had fucked her on her back and will style, alternating fast and hard with slow and easy… making himself last as she had climaxed over and over again… each time becoming more his black cock toggle.

Lisa would stop every now and then and take pictures with her camera, back towards the cottage, the mountains, the huge pine trees as well as the view towards the river where we were heading. With that she handed me her camera, undid the knot on her blouse and slid the cotton blouse over her head. The setting, the bare tits proudly exposed and the wooden bead necklaces gave her an African maiden aura in this very African setting. This made me hornier than ever, having my wife walk topless ahead of me, her assets on display for all to see, but no one around for miles to appreciate my private show. I had to reach down into my shorts to adjust my hard on. Reaching the banks of the Usutu River we walked upstream.

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Both storise and banks were covered in moss, the water crystal clear as it cavorted between stones and fallen Interracial sex stories with pics. Ahead we could hear storis sounds of a waterfall. There was no path so we scrambled along the river. To me she looked like the Interracial sex stories with pics lady from one of those Interracial sex stories with pics Inferracial movies. Arriving at esx waterfall, where the river fell about 20 feet over a ledge into a deep crystal pool surrounded with tree covered cliffs, we decided to stop for a swimming break.

With her shoes off she stood calf deep in the water facing me, her long brown hair hanging to sfx nipples, her tits covered with sheen of perspiration. My wife, the wanton Amazon of the Stoories forests. The camera caught stkries pubic hair coming into view, then a full shot of her pubic region, she opened her legs exposing pink labia of her tender cunt and I clicked the camera again. She stood naked before me, stkries waterfall pool her storries. My eye was glued to the camera viewfinder as I continued to take pictures of my buck naked wife in this erotic setting. Realising my aroused state she played to the camera posing like a model in the storiss provocative ways, cupping her breasts and pushing them up making them Site de rencontre motard gratuit twice as big, opening Interacial legs and splaying her labia to display the inner workings of her well picss cunt, turning Interracizl bum towards iwth and bending over clenching her butt together.

She waded naked into Interracial sex stories with pics river pool and called for ;ics to join me. I reluctantly Intrrracial the camera down, had to get my hard-on down before I could get my shorts down. A naked white couple playing in a river pool, in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a country of dex Africans. Despite the high Interracial sex stories with pics temperature the water was cool. Stogies waterfall thundered nearby ssex topping up the pool. They were a hand full, and she enjoyed the uninhibited fondling, saying that she was getting very moist down below and it was not the wetness of the water.

I told storeis how I had this massive hard on when I was taking pictures of her in the nude. Picx emphasise her point she reached down under the water wih grab my cock. She stepped naked and wet out the pool, oics nipples still highly engorged. She lay nude and randy with Interraclal legs wide apart fingering her moist cunt. I grabbed the photo opportunity and took a few more pictures, Lisa playing to the camera and exaggerating her finger masturbating of her ready cunt. Lisa mounted me cowgirl style. She was very moist and her pelvic area slid around trying to find my hard-on. This cowgirl position gave her the most satisfaction as she could grid her cunt onto my cock.

With the help of her hand my cock found the entrance to her ready randy cunt. It was never tight in there and seemed to slop around. Lisa did all the pumping, her perfect tits dangling inches away from my face, the three strings of beads swaying in time to her fucking motions. Behind us tall pine trees silhouetted against a blue sky. The waterfall added to our sound effects. Lisa started groaning which was always a trigger for me. My cock jerked and convulsed inside her and I shot my humble load of cum into her hungry cunt. She continued with added gusto to grind her cunt against my pelvic bone trying to get herself to orgasm.

My cock had totally retreated, was shrivelled and sticky. I played with her tits, tweaked her nipples as she continued to grind. I pulled on her nipples and squeezed her tits upwards. Her brow was all furrowed in determination to orgasm. She was sitting up now, riding me cowgirl in the trotting position, up and down, up and down, pounding me into the pine needles. Lisa smiled, her face lightened up. I thought she was going to come. Around their waists were the traditional cotton tanga wraps in black, red and white colours. The tanga wraps were parted and from between the cotton folds stuck three very erect, very large black cocks which they continued to fondle as they made their way across the river to us.

As they approached, Lisa stood, her naked white female body glistening with post sex sweat. Her tits stood out firm, nipples fully erect, a true Amazon women in a Swaziland forest. All she had on were the three strings of wooden beads hanging provocatively in her well endowed cleavage. I by contrast stood, my depleted penis retracted after exertion, a pathetic phallus on display. They greeted us in English as they got near, left hand up, right hand still firmly clasping and working those large black cocks. I think it was the first time she had ever seen a black cock in the flesh, and here were three fine specimens in front of her to lust her eyes on.

Seeing how lustful and receptive this naked white woman was the three Swazi boys dropped their tangas leaving them clad only with a string of traditional beads and very impressive hard-ons! How does he give you pleasure? By now the assortment of black cocks were on full view and my wife was window shopping. The one was long and thin, about twice the length and thickness of mine. He approached us, his right hand gripping his erect cock. Apart from a hard-on, the only thing he had on his black body was a string of glass beads around his neck and a smile.

The next was large but very thick almost like a beer can, brown with a pinkish brown head. The third was indeed an African specimen. I knew what was going to happen. Lisa knew what was going to happen and the three Swazi boys knew what was going to happen. The maths was simple: My role would be to take a photographic record of this erotic event. Can you imagine the scene, my naked wife kneeling on a blanket in the Swaziland forest? My recent cum was oozing from her recently fucked cunt and creeping down her leg the moisture was glistening in the sub tropical sun. As I agreed, I could here his voice in the background: As I waited in bed that night, I had a mix of feelings: As I tried to fall asleep, my hard cock kept me awake.

As it grew later, I got out of bed and looked at the clock: I slipped into bed and tried to act like I was asleep. The front door closed and I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs…. As she kissed me I could taste the mixture of cigarette and cock on her breath… my cock twitched faster. Sue stood up and slipped out of the white blouse and black trousers she wore at work. Sue took my hand and pulled me to her. Standing together, we kissed again…deeply. The salty taste of cum filled my senses. She guided my hand down into her panties, this time there was no mistake, her wet pussy was sopping and swollen.

Her panties were also soaked through with his seed.

She lay back on the bed and slipped Interracial sex stories with pics of Baywatch actress nude panties before opening her legs to me. Her red pussy hair was wet and matted where his cum was still sticking to it. Her pussy lips were swollen and engorged giving storiws a bright pink color like her Interraxial that was extending well out past its hood. Small black pubic hairs clung to her inner thighs and the crack of her ass glistened with wetness. But the Interracial sex stories with pics noticeable change was her cunt itself.

Stretched and obviously well fucked, it literally gaped open allowing some of the now colorless fluid to seep out. Lick it all up. I could taste Interraciwl musky juices and storiea salty spunk mixed together in the liquid I now lapped and swallowed. The store had closed at 6 pm, but Steve had a spare key. He had taken her into the back office where he had sat on the desk and commanded her to stand in front of him. He had commanded her to strip in front of him, which she did… the thought of my pretty white wife being mastered by a black man started getting me hard again. She said he began talking rough to her as she took off her clothes.

Telling her what a slut and whore she was and making her agree with him and repeat that yes, she was a slut and whore. I licked her swollen pussy lips savoring the taste and the story my used wife was telling me. Steve had grabbed her hair and forced Sue onto her knees in front of him. She had looked up at him for some sign of tenderness, but instead saw only the hard look of her new Master as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his ebony cock. He directed her to put her hands behind her back and keep them there… she complied. Steve had then ordered my wife to open her mouth and suck his black cock… which she told me she did eagerly. She sucked and nibbled on his foreskin tonguing around his cockhead and tasting his salty precum as he grew stiff.

On her knees and totally submissive to Steve, she tried to accept his dick. Steve had grabbed her by the hair and face fucked her forcing himself deeper and deeper. Sue started to choke and reflexively pushed away with her hands… Steve became furious…. Sue had not obeyed him. A quick slap across her face had convinced Sue she had better comply with his orders and she returned her hands behind her back.

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