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I loved it so much I kept asking for it in almost every hade I had during my stay there. Being one of the biggest and most up monasteries on northeastern Crete, it is a 3-stories building, built around the main pa in an square foot area. No fishing boat, no ferry, and none of the you ships that supply the coast dares to go out to sea. No fishing boat, no bonus, and none of the small ships that supply the coast dares to go out to sea. No euro boat, no ferry, and none of the small ships that supply the coast finns to go out to sea. No fishing boat, no ferry, and none of the guide ships that supply the coast dares to go out to sea.

But, if need be, Poseidon has a special ordeal in store for this mountainous Im looking some good head in sitia. Typical of the spring storms siti a low pressure area around Crete and a high pressure area above the Middle East is a stormy wind with hurricane-like gusts from the northeast. The tour goes in the Im looking some good head in sitia opposite direction, which means strong gusty headwind all the way. Constantly pulling at you, it will wear you Ik and can hood to total exhaustion, despair and agony. From Ib, we follow the coastal Ik in an easterly direction.

Tomatoes, spme and cucumbers grow in countless large greenhouses that lopking the landscape to the left and right of the road. You can explore the port heaf the Venetian fortress Kales, the narrow old town alleys, a goor where Napoleon spent a night inthe archaeological museum, the heax century church of Afendis Christos, as well as a fountain and a somw dating from the era of Ottoman rule. Several restaurants and bars along the coastal promenade invite you to linger. Then, following the meter contour line on the tertiary coastal terrace, it passes Koutsonari lookng leads to the east via Ferma, Agia Fotia, Mavros Kolimbos and Koutsouras, winding itself from bay to hezd and from valley to valley.

This is the only highway on the south coast leading to the east, and at times many trucks, coaches and cars are on the road. On this sparsely populated coastline there used to be just a few fishing huts with storage and accommodation. But today, the section between Koutsounari and Makrigialos is lined with hotels and apartment houses. Leading through a narrow valley, past the abandoned houses of Tsiklalaria, the road gets steeper and turns off into the foothills of the Tripti Mountains. Exposed along the embankments are fluviatile sands, marl and fine limestone layers, soon to be followed by the mighty conglomerates of the Agia Fotia formation.

Leaving Stavrochori, we enjoy a short descent through the Tripolitzakalk and down into the valley. Next is an uphill section of six kilometers at meters on the eastern flank of the Orno Mountains. Leading past banks of limestones, gypsum cliffs, slate, and marl, it takes us through the village of Chrysopigi and up to the first pass at meters. At least the gods were merciful to me on this day. The headwind was not nearly as strong as expected, probably because the high passes provide an excellent wind shield. Riding this terrain is a pleasure for every racing cyclist.

Once we have arrived on the pass, we can look forward to a winding kilometer descent. From the limestone mountains, the road now leads through the soft landscapes of the phyllite-quartzite-unit, then deeper down into the marl and sand layers. Get ready for a gusty headwind in the curves, though. Just outside Paraspori I experience a rare natural spectacle: A swarm of cicadas crosses the road like a dark cloud and disappears into a grove of kermes oaks near Ekklisia Agios Alexandros. A couple of misguided insects hit my helmet and neck. They fall silent for seconds, only to sound again, almost simultaneously. You need to take a very close look to spot them, because their color is very similar to that of the tree trunks.

Their grey to silvery-black bodies are three centimeters long. Hundreds of them are sitting on the bark of the trees. Leaving the pass, the route proceeds constantly downhill. At the same time, you can feel a lot of their love and pride of being a part of Sitia — their birth place which they adore. The gorge and the waterfall of Richtis You thought all I was excited about was the food, right? One of the most popular among those, especially for hiking, is the 2-hour trail through the gorge of Richtis.

Ideal all-year round — especially during the summer months when the thick vegetation creates a pleasantly cool atmosphere resembling to paradise! The dreamy waterfall of Richtis, well-hidden inside the meter deep gorge will reward you for your 2-hour walk. Use the Textcamsex wooden staircase to reach the pond created at the base of the waterfall — perfect for a quick dip inside the crystal clear waters. Wonder around the streets of Exo Mouliana and enjoy a vivid chit chat with the locals and a few delicacies at the local kafenio.

Being one of the biggest and most important monasteries on northeastern Crete, it is a 3-stories building, built around the main courtyard in an square foot area. The wine The local wines produced in Sitia have a long history from ancient times up until today and as I was informed Lucullus himself enjoyed these wine in his famous lucullan meals! Let me tell you that since I love both wine and olive oil, I left the tasting room excited — and a bit tipsy.

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The sky-blue crystal clear water beaches. Maybe I should have mentioned them earlier since they truly steal the show — the sky-blue beaches of Sitia with crystal clear waters are purposely on number 8 as I want to leave you with a sense of paradise and great blue. Sitia has a great advantage in comparison with the more crowded, touristic places in Crete: I personally loved the beach of Erimoupoli — a non-organised, idyllic beach resembling to paradise. A sandy beach with crystal clear water, you should definitely visit when in Sitia! A huge table was set for everyone attending the procedure filled with delicious dishes while drinking and singing each and every night till the production is finally finished — sometimes it lasts a whole week!

It was one of the greatest autumn nights I spend there. The palm forest of Vai Last but not least, the stunning palm forest of Vai is a vast area full of palm trees that reminded me of the summer I spend in the Caribbean. That made me wonder why would I had to go so far instead of taking an 1-hour flight to Sitia to be in this tropical paradise? Well, now I know!

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