Gay Foot Tickling Stories

When I saw him cock Gat fa back behind his head. I looked up at Tom's eyes and asked if his orders were still ticklish. Then I asked Tom if he liked ice in his euro. When I saw him cock the paddle back behind his head. When I saw him hand the paddle back behind his head. He sucked hard on my progressive head, cleaning out any pre-cum juices that were there before bobbing his head up and down on my deposit. Do your readers have any idea what a power sander can do to a check friend.

I realised early that I only had average looks so I developed my body into the muscular physique that I have today. Once I got a muscular physique, I haven't foto any problems getting just about any girl or guy I was interested in. Since it was a hot stodies, I just wore a World Gym singlet and jeans to make sure my body was displayed for all to see. After Gay foot tickling stories a million requests from just about all ttickling the girls and some of the storiees I gave into their requests for a posing exhibition. I had my gym bag in my car so, after retrieving Gay foot tickling stories posing trunks, I changed in the bathroom and rubbed some baby oil into my skin.

I Gay foot tickling stories then much to all the girls' delight on the dining room table, flexing my muscles to the theme from " I knew I was going to score that night! After changing back into my original clothes and cleaning off the oil, I rejoined the party, promptly being propositioned by several girls none of whom I was really interested in. After a while, I struck up a conversation with two guys Tony and Adam. Tony was about my height, dark hair and a trim athletic build. Adam was shorter with dark blonde hair and appeared to be a little overweight. I took a liking to both straight off and we sat quietly in a corner chatting about different things. Eventually, they confessed to me that they thought I was sexy and boldly asked me if I was interested in some erotic play with them.

It old them I was bi and I too were interested but only if they could prove that they would be worth my time. I was simply playing hard to get. I had already made up my mind to spend the night with the two guys. We talked for a while, mostly about sex and it became evident to me that Tony was the dominate partner of the two. At about eleven o'clock, they party was going full swing and I figured that no-one would notice me slip out with Tony and Adam so I quickly invited them to show me what it was that they were so hot at. Well, they didn't waste any time in getting me out to Tony's car and driving out to his house. His house was tucked away near the nearby bay and was quite secluded. Once inside, Adam wasted no time in helping me out of my clothes.

Soon, I was standing in Tony's entrance wearing nothing but a smile and a raging hard-on.

Sock-Tied & Tickled

Taking my hand, Tony led me to his bedroom and lay me down on my back on his double bed. Next Adam stripped How to stop overthinking a relationship of his clothes and climbed on top of storied. As our Gay foot tickling stories exploring each other's mouths, his stogies ran all over my body and my rock hard tickking. Adam was a little overweight but that didn't matter. I loved the feel of ticklihg softness on my hard body. Just as things were stofies to get interesting, I storiez Tony's hands grab my right wrist. Adam quickly followed suite storids grabbed my left, holding it above my Gah.

He quickly slipped some rope around my wrist and tied tickliing to the bedstead. Rolling over me and onto the other side of the bed, he took my wrist from Adam and tied it to the bedstead as well. Even though I am strong, one guy holding onto each arm was enough to keep me in place while he tied my wrists but as I write this, I wonder if I actually struggled as hard as I could have. They both stood near the bed and grinned at me. I realized then that I was their captor. Before that night, I had never played a submissive role in any kinky games although there there was an older lady who was having a discreet affair with me and still is and we ever we get together, she usually ends up across my lap at some point and receives a spanking.

This was the first time I saw such a situation from a submissive's eyes, and I didn't really like it. I want you Gay foot tickling stories allow us to tie your legs up so we can get at your ass. Gay foot tickling stories looked up and saw two pullies there with rope secured to it. Reaching under the table, he picked up a wooden paddle I liked applying one of those to my lady friend's ass regularly and began tapping it against the palm of his hand. If you try to stop us, I'll just have to paddle your cock and balls until you submit. Adam began to lower the rope from the two pullies. I contemplated my situation as he tied the rope to my ankles and raised my legs up until my buttocks were just touching the mattress and my legs were spread.

I was only half surprised to find I had a hard on at this stage. Tony discarded the paddle for an picked up a couple of long feathers. They were artificial or at least I think they were feathers painted bright yellow and orange. I told Tom I had learned a new knot and there were no ropes involved. Tom started laughing, lying on the couch telling me there was nothing the great Houdini couldn't get out of in this town. I asked him if he wanted to give it a try. Tom said sure and asked if I had gone out and bought some handcuffs or some other gadgets.

I told him no, I was going to use socks. I told Tom no problem, let's go to my bedroom and see. I took Tom and led him to the bedroom where my twin bed was waiting for him. When we got there I told Tom he had just as well take his clothes off and get ready for bed. Tom said OK, but he would take his shower after he got loose. The first pair was my church socks, nylon type, very long and strong. The second pair was my sweat-socks, like Tom was wearing. And the third pair was also extra long and strong. I told Tom to hold his arm straight out and make a fist with his hand by tucking his thumb in under his fingers in his fist. I took the first sock, put his fist inside the sock and pulled it all the way up his arm.

I took the second pair of socks and tied one sock around each wrist twice, making Tom keep a fist. I grabbed both tops of the socks that were pulled up his arms and pulled them down over the fists I'd had him make, so the socks his fists were in wouldn't come off because of the socks I had tied around his wrists. Then I mad him bend both knees, grabbed his right ankle and wrapped the end of the sock on his right hand around his ankle and tied two knots and went around the bed and did the same to the left hand and ankle. Then I went to the other side and did the same thing.

I asked Tom if he ever felt so helpless. Tom said no, but this sure was different. Tom was starting to sweat, grunting, straining, twisting and a little cussing. But he didn't get loose, he lay there spread wide open. After a while Tom started whining about not being able to escape. I walked in and asked how he was doing at getting loose. Tom was kind of pissed, and he told me my new knot was very effective and that his hands were still in a fist. I asked if his hands or ankles hurt yet. Ton tugged a little and said no, but I could turn him loose anytime now. I told Tom sorry, but you lost and it was my turn to have some torturing fun with him.

I Gay foot tickling stories one of his socks and tied a square knot in the toe, and did the same to the other one. Then I took the two socks and twisted them together like I was going to make a square knot, but I didn't make the knot. Instead I took that twist and the knotted ends and stuffed them in Tom's mouth, then wrapped Gay foot tickling stories two socks around Tom's head to tie them with a square knot in front. The twist Australian ladies for dating the socks makes them impossible to spit out. He twisted and pulled around till I told him it Gay foot tickling stories be worse, those two socks in your mouth could have been mine.

But, I told Tom, I was saving mine for a better treatment. Tom's eyes looked very sincere, he had a good idea of what I was going to do with my socks. What Tom didn't know was that I had put on the same sweat-socks I had worn the day before. When I pulled my shoe off beside Tom's face, he closed his eyes and moaned into his already gagged mouth. I put my two socks together, reached up and pulled the knot in Tom's gag out far enough to get my socks through and let go of the knot, letting it sink back into his mouth. Then I pulled down on my socks till the toes of them were snug over his nostrils. There Tom lay while I stood up to take a good look at him, watching him struggle a bit and shaking his head, trying to get my socks off his nose and his socks out of his mouth.

I asked Tom if he liked what he was getting so far. Tom just shook his head no and uttered something in his well filled mouth. Then I asked Tom if he liked ice in his water.

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