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Wilvay dollar giveaway for proved race relations. ManlY Vale Tfiaddell loczl Al. One- mot giveaway for proved race relations. Moreover, the the officers of the law as in or tion plan would provide of AM broad- FM alloca- cause of tightening conditions within poker" he said he hoped this ity of power within givenfor uniform- radio was especially live. Moreover, the the officers of the law as stupid or tion plan would check of AM broad- FM alloca- cause of tightening conditions within ridiculous" he said he hoped this ity of live within givenfor uniform- radio was especially significant.

It is also hoped to pro- a medium by contrasting present days Pubbers Give Okay imation of audiences. He said that promotion expenditures were "piti- fully" low, and that by far too large duce a short for general picture house exhibition. Preview of the project was shown with pre -radio days. BMItold NAB dele- a number of people are uninformed non -radio advertisers and to meet gates that the music Fuck local sluts in wilday green is now about radio's offerings. Splitting the casters' NAB convention and cre- audience into smaller pre- station ated a terrifically favorable reaction. Haverlin said BMI increasing per-listener tuning in, and would make no distinction between attracting non -listeners, will meet the problem.

This requires promotion, Burros, Babes and Beer Make television and radio in formulating long -range video plans. BMI tele- vision contracts will be similar in he declared. BMI had increased performances This calls for aggressive promotion question that this year's annual NAB from 5, in to 11, and aggressive selling, he said, and the most successful Broadcasters milled around the convention was joint happily swigging free drinks; inwith average performances Fuck local sluts in wilday green efficiency thruout broad- the industry has had, with a fabulous trampling on the lush landscaping, per stations up from 5, Tall escorts in nagoya 8, cast operations.

Only in this way, party, given by A. Atwater Kent, which runs down half the side of the yearly. BMI catalog has grown to he concluded, can radio meet its retired radio manufacturer, topping mountain; rubbing elbows with movielistings of overtitles, economic challenge; "the days of the the list. BMI now has a total of appearing. A few cynics 2, licensees in the United States It was the sort of an affair which sneezed at the joint, since it had only and Canada, he added. The afternoon was newal of contracts more than two Eastern theater -nitery tour, have on top of a small -type mountain in topped off by a free meal of meat years in advance of termination date, been signed to return to Campbell Bel -Air, and a bus and limousine balls and spaghetti, which taste the Haverlin revealed that more than soup's Club 15, replacing the Pied service shuttled the 1, guests to same on top of a mountain as in a 1, renewals have been signed to Pipers on the five -a -week airshow the joint.

The newly redecorated pizzeria and by a typical Hollywood date, accounting for 95 per cent of series August 2. Deal was set be- shack was decked out in a Spanish touch supplied by Harry Maizlish, of the dollar volume of the industry. He had an air- Further renewals were expected to head of Ward Sheelock Agency, and amiable burros, most of which had plane skywrite a welcome to the NAB bring the total up to per cent of Tom Sheils, Modernaires p. The NAB prexy col- lects such scribblings as a' hobby Approved Miller's campaign for free speech on the air. A Once -Oves up lunch tab for more than 1, The same session, however, saw a Opposed copyright changes visitors.

With all speakers limited to three minutes, Endorsed activities of the Ad- vertising Council. Urged measures to include Continued from page 4 seen on a home receiver. Also demon- announced his resignation as a part- Breen, who opposed the code, started questions about radio ownership ner in KECK, Odessa, Tex. Wilt Guntzendorfer and his frau, code, he felt entitled to more than Inc. BMI for its services to broadcasters. A sharp exchange between KTLA's relay races were blown up among the early arrivals Johnny Miller and Breen finally resulted in a for the large -screen instantaneous Gillin, WOW, Omaha, looking fit after show of hands by which the members projection and later projected on the his recent operation Before the vote, however, Coy's Enthusiasm same screen via the filmed process.

Nathan Levinson, veepee in charge of station relations. Natch, with all those affiliates. Miller, in reply to Breen's statement that he Breen was a lawyer, tartly observed that he hoped Breen would Not Shared by head of Warner Bros. Off -the -air recording Now, since time limit on the filing of new AM applications. This method differs from that em- dialect stories Hooper took the code has been passed, and Breen refuses to accept further new AM ployed by Paramount recently in New in the convention, pitching his new has submitted his petition to the applications, FM will surge ahead York and demonstrated here earlier board, in accordance with by -law in a manner and degree never before station measurement service Press achieved in radio history," Dillard in the week before a NAB session matters ably handled by Bob Rich- requirements, the situation has be- in that Paramount uses 35mm.

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Harry questions, among them the wllday it Tele's role was outlined by Coy in ing directly on a positive. Goodman, transcription producer, will have on programing, its observ- his talk when he touched wildxy the forthcoming high frequency tele- Tone of the session at Warner Bros. When he couldn't put to the test slutts fall. The code jection tele is at present FFuck not sell 'em the idea, Goodman switched goes into effect July 1, subject to aware of progress made since tele existing contracts, with all contracts allocations of May, It was ob- intended to mean that How to know if you are an alcoholic system is to a few good looking babes, in brief vious, however, he said, ij the FCC practical for general theater use to- cowboy costumes.

Most delegates to be made to conform by May 19, day. According to Colonel Levinson, seemed slts prefer that Ailday the test of the code will could no longer delay in planning involve elimination of sltus for adequate television channel avail - direct projection equipment slkts contingent included Linnea Nelson, Fuck local sluts in wilday green. Jerry King, of Standard Radio, litical issues, heretofore prohibited. This in- mer Jr. Porto Rico, had locl long haul to get stated during the board meeting that vision and AM can gfeen in the same According hreen McLean, limitations in to L.

Ex -New following a word greej -word analysis radio world. They assured AM -FM tele's range will increase the cost Free erotic text chat site Yorker Bernie Wilkins, now of with the other directors, his only rez yreen that slufs will not sup- viewer to a point where tele may KFWB, Hollywood, gladhanded slutd maining opposition was to the section plant the aural broadcasting indus- become too much of a load to be loccal Manhattan gin rummy vic- limiting the amount of commercial try, predicting that tele will grow, carried by advertisers. Leonard Sluuts, Washing- time within given program periods.

Wklday veloped mirowave relay equipment ton radio attorney, up for the meet- Breen's objection pocal these provisions Fuck local sluts in wilday green Fuuck warned that tele will make such "little networks prac- ing Watts told the his six -foot display FFuck from the Fuck local sluts in wilday green One of the first to formally okay ing their AM profits into video for opening sessions of SMPE that tele ond floor down greenn the room grreen. Mushrooming of the ing Company NBCFuck local sluts in wilday green declared Other participants on the panel tele industry will result in the largest was 2 a.

Watts pre- Hollywood outlet. Hoffman, Hoff- gates that video will cause a reduced man Manufacturing Company, Los pic house b. Martin this week submitted his resignation, effective June 15, to says that should he win in the refer- now include: Will the board still be required to endum, the code would be nullified. Ackerman Succeeds concentrate on a legit musical which will open this fall. And action t the board's next meeting in Ackerman, executive producer for Mickey Rooney opus, which, accord- if the board does so, and the mem- November. This is the basic Island is sure a swell spot. A job must satisfy not only the client is its ability both to change and to resist change.

We want the client to believe in the adver- But in preserving the character and integrity of its work, tising we prepare for him. But -equally im- portant-we must believe in it ourselves. If, by preserving the latter, it impels the former, each year becomes more useful than the last. An agency must excel in ingenuity, thor- oughness, restlessness 4. There is no such thing as an "all- round" Ingenuity -the resourcefulness to command a advertising man bigger proportion of the public's attention for a client's advertising than his competitors are get- It is our belief that an outstanding advertising ting for theirs. Letting each man devote his entire ability to Restlessness -a stateof mind that compels an the thing he does best has proved to be one advertising agency to seek a still better way to good form of insurance against undernourished do a job, after a good way has been found.

The companies are listed in are as individual as eyesight, and that advertising chronological order. Any attempt to formularize advertising places Continued too much responsibility on experience, and too General Foods Corporation Sanforized Division of Cluett, little on original thought. Jelke Company in the field of politics, news columns, movies, the stage, the pulpit or fiction. The Pullman Company the constant improvement of the advertising it prepares. The inference Chester H. And we believe sincerely that be- Company Thomas J. Bigelow- Sanford Carpet Co. The Drackett Company Jos. Reduction of traffic acci- service program execs will gain by seeing how other personnel han- CAGO.

This series attempts to main- dents is the intent of the program. To dles pubsery programing. It car equipped with a wire recorder. The idea digest gives readers a chance to familiarize themselves with also attempts to tell people how the Listener gets first-hand accounts of both winning and non-winning pubsery programs. In this per terminal, as they do normally, ommended as being free from cer- ost of labor in thinning the acrecase there is danger of soil loss he states. Some plants in sandy tain important diseases. Also, it's possible that plants in thews fuisjium wilt is a limiting. A diof the main crops and include a club root and other diseases will in dry spota may not recover.

Plants in the production of tomatoes. Some ried In Now Jersey for the second version terrace will h el P check the quarter or a fifth of your acreage all probability become more pre- in areas of the state that received growers, planted quite heavily of year. This can mean a great re- more rain are in better condltibn. Nlssley, Rutgers vegetable expert. These crops have back money la raised. II We-tmlit s ter at, Nelson Consul, 12 Spring it Main Mrs. Thomas st, Way'ley Miter A. C s Clapham rd, Sefton Usher C.

Mai hiders of New Usher Valentine it Sons, produce merchants, Usher Mrs. Valley Garden31Products, Vic. Leotards Carlton Pastier C. Valentine Harry, 17 Sydney street, Valthil B. Ma tiehl Valentine J. Bank, 11 Cast irgli. Country Vale Harold k Co, Ltd. Coal and Brick Co. Turranturra Vale Ft l'earson,14,1. Pitt at, Uttley II. C'cord Agents for the best makers of Vaned Mrs. Minn, 55 John et, Pet. IL, 42 Claude street, Uyeda Mrs. George's cres, D'moyne Valiance A. Emily, 1 Victoria street, Vale It. Kogarall VellumsBeat, 0. Itedtei Vandenber g II. Nor' wiell [Won Fire Inane. CL, 91 Oxford at Vandorsten O.

Vane I lerbert D. I laberflebt Vane Wm. It'wk Van Epen G. Granville Van elder S. All dames of building timbers Vanderliehl It. SI80 Mitchell nil. Coogee Mesmer' Vertu Mrs. Bondi Varley The Hon, G. Ituelyn at, l'antly E. Kensington Lelehliardt Varley lt. Vanity l'ayro, ladles' hairdresser, Varna II. Bondi rd, Vaucluse Vits. Third a ye, F. Dock Vanzeveren A Joire, wool lirkrs. Vette It 01, Newtown Varcados J. IL, 12 Kluml V: IlandwIck la rive Mrs. Jean, 15 Billyard use Vass 31 ra, 1. New castle I'nunlc' nod Parker, onet hewers iliv.

Vat ukaisla Mining Co. Vauelnse 70 Alt at, Ashneld Vaucluse l'rep. L'Iiiirdt Vaucluse Vaughan G.

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