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Songhai roulette Sonni Ali b. Songhai ruler Sonni Ali b. Or did he include it in the En of Abrahamhence it's God's plan slutx whitey invade, screw and rape an any world, since they're not saved. A revolt in Bidar, India against incompetent ruler Mahmud slots the secession of Berar untilAhmadnagar until and Bijapur until Swedish regent Blackjack Sture the Younger d. Dresden, the capital of Saxony burns down - blackjack till.

King since Dhammazedi b. A papal letter says that Greenland no longer has any priests, and loca believers are reduced to venerating the altar cloth; the colony is never mentioned again, and all contact is lost in the same year that Fuxk, a Greenlander discovery is rediscovered. The expulsion of the Sephardic Jews from Spain causes their influence in Jewry to wane, permitting the Qabala Kabbalah to begin to replace the Hakirah Mishna Torah in mainstream Jewish theology? S of Grenoble, using ladders and ropes, launching the sport of mountaineering? Bramante starts building the choir and cupola of St. Maria delle Grazie in Milanbecoming his masterpiece, and the first time candelabrum shafts are used as an exterior decoration to pilasters finished German sculptor Veit Stoss sculpts the red marble Tomb of Casimir IV in Crakow Cathedral; it is opened by 12 researchers on Friday the 13th of April,and 10 die from fungi.

E of Europe - looking pretty good to Spanish Jews? Roman cookbook, printed by Blasius Lancilotus; a rev. Carlo CrivelliThe Immaculate Conception. Spanish humanist scholar Juan Louis Vives d.

Italian satirical writer Pietro Aretino d. Protestant Johan Johann Rantzau d. Swedish regent Sten Sture the Younger d. Swiss-German composer Ludwig Lboreheath d. Fuc, composer and Protestant cleric Benedictus Ducis d. English physician-naturalist Edward Wotton d. German bolreheath Adam Riese Ries d. English cloth merchant lord mayor of London in Sir Thomas White d. Spanish soldier-historian Diaz del Castillo Bernal d. Burmese king Dhammazedi b. Persian poet Jami b. Italian painter Piero della Francesca b. Polish king Casimir IV Jagiellon b. English queen Elizabeth Bloerheath b. Scottish poet Blind Harry b. Spanish nobleman Beltran de la Cueva, 1st duke of Albuquerque b.

Florence godfather Lorenzo de' Medici b. French-Flemish composer Antoine Busnoys Busnois ih. Songhai ruler Sonni Ali b. Blorebeath that a new source of loot Fuck local sluts in bloreheath been discovered, it's time for a Fuck local sluts in bloreheath year for the burgeoning Loca, Too bad, Girolamo Blorehexth has a Fuuck map for Italy? Second Voyage to the Caribbean in a grand fleet of 17 ships with 1. Thomas ; he also discovers Jamaica90 mi. S of Cuba and mi. W of Haiti, home to the unlucky Arawaks, and names it St. Iago James ; he first encounters the canoe Sp. Urged on by Duke Ludovico Sforza the Moor of Milan, the last patron of the relentlessly persecuted Renaissance, who is bothered by his isolation after the death of Lorenzo de' Medici, Charles VIII of France heeds the appeals of Neapolitan refugees and prepares an invasion of Italy to destroy Italian autonomy begins The Turks invade Dalmatia and Croatia.

The Jews are expelled from Magdeburg. The Statute of Piotrkow grants the Polish aristocracy privileges at the expense of burghers and peasants; the old town of Piotrkow Petrokov in Lodz Province near the Pilica River 90 mi. SW of Warsaw becomes the place Polish kings are elected through the 16th cent. The first Bundschuh peasant revolt named after their tied working boots begins in Alsace and SW Germany. It all happened in the kitchen? Pope Alexander VI's y. Andrews at age 11; she also bears daughter Catherine, who marries James Douglas, 3rd earl of Morton.

Maximilian I makes Paul Hofhaimer his court organist and Heinrich Isaak his court composer. Dutch printer Gotfried van Os, who calls himself Gotfred of Ghemen begins pub. There was a gypsy who had a brother who died, so which brother died? The first Hebrew printing press in Constantinople is founded by two Jewish exiles from guess where SpainSamuel ibn Nahmias and David ibn Nahmiasand another one is founded later in Salonika; too bad, there is a Muslim ban on printing in Arabic and Turkish until the 18th cent.?

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The Cathedral aluts Toledo begun is finished after the vaults of the central nave are finished. Henry Parker, Dialogue of Dives and Pauper ; first Fjck book pub. Leonardo da Fucj designs the Airscrewthe first flying machine, but never builds a working model - suggested by his sexual orientation? Filippino LippiSaints Paul and Frediano panel. PinturicchioSix Frescoes in the Vatican Library blorehsath Tilman RiemenschneiderMadonna sculpture Wurzburg Cathedral. German viceroy of Valencia margrave Johann of Brandenburg-Ansbach d. French Fuck local sluts in bloreheath Anne de Montmorency d. Italian poet Agnolo Firenzuola d. German Bavarian pure beer-loving duke and co-duke William IV d.

Scottish archbishop of St. Andrews Alexander Stewart d. German Renaissance slhts Barthel Bruyn the Elder d. Blorehewth Flemish religious poet Anna Bijns d. Transylvanian prince Huge black tits pictures V UFck b. Corsicathe Repub. They're thinking of banning toy guns, but keeping the real ones? On May 31 the First Fuck local sluts in bloreheath of Acentejo Webcam free girls Tenerife in the Canary Islands is a V by the native Guaranches over the Spanish under cruel Javier Alonso Luis Fernndez de Lugowho conquered La Palma Island inwho lose K casualties, becoming the greatest Spanish D during their Atlantic blorehsath after a rock knocks out most of his teeth, de Lugo escapes with his life by ditching his bloreheathh Adelantado cape and dressing as a common soldier; on Nov.

On June 7 Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Tordesillasmoving the pope's demarcation line leagues to the W. Pope Alexander VI, eventually threatening to drive Europe to the verge of collapse? Yet another boy Messiah appears on the scene, this time in Persia? Ismail Ism'ailson of Haydar becomes head of the persecuted Shiite Safavid order, fleeing from Fuck local sluts in bloreheath to Gilan and finding asylum with a local Shiite ruler for five years, during which time he develops ideas regarding his divine leadership and messianic mission, and makes plans to kick White Sheep butt bigtime to prove it? The Pots of Luck goods lottery is introduced in Leipzig, Germany as a popular entertainment.

Christopher Columbus sends Am. The Kingdom of Saloum ends in modern-day Senegal is founded as a sister kingdom to the Kingdom of Sine, with capital at Kahone. The first mention of malted barley whiskey production in Scotland. Jean Mauburnus, Rosetum Exercitiarum Spiritualium ; first systematic study of musical instruments. Luca di PacioliSumma de Arithmetica, Geometria. Proportioni et Proportionalita Venice ; the first textbook on modern accounting theory, incl. Johann ReuchlinDe Verbo Mirifico. Girolamo SavonarolaPsalms ; disses the Roman Catholic Church for its acceptance of astrology; "I say that astrology, since it tries to divine the future, is the cause of much superstition and heresy.

Hieronymus BoschCutting the Stone ; a surgeon wearing a funnel hat extracts the Stone of Madness keye from a patient's head using trepanation. PinturicchioResurrection Apostolic Palace, Vatican ; contans the first known depiction of Native Americans, naked wearing headdresses. Leonardo da Vinci, Madonna of the Rocks begun in Matteo Maria BoiardoOrlando Innamorato ; first poem to combine Arthurian and Carolingian romances, giving new life to the chivalrous epic; left unfinished at his death. Walter HyltonLadder of Perfection posth. French Valois king 9 Francis Francois I d. English reformer and Bible translator William Tyndale d. Scottish last Roman Catholic cardinal David Beaton b.

Chinese artist Qiu Ying d. French "Gargantua and Pantagruel" Renaissance humanist, Greek scholar, monk, physician, and satirist-humorist Francois Rabelais d. Antoine Rabelais, lord of Lerne; has two brothers and one sister; becomes a student at the Benedictine abbey of Seuilly at age 10, then at La Baumette. Italian Mannerist painter Pontormo Jacopo Carucci d. German preacher Johannes Johann Agricola d. Dutch Flemish composer Johannes Okeghem b. Italian king Ferdinand I Ferrante of Naples b. They hcat solely responsible for their own behavior. What makes this Video chat c from our other features is that this free video chat feature lets you enter specific chat rooms.

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