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On Thursday the opening address was by a will OO luminary - more below. I stopped in on the Exhibits area of course and hand some time looking at the various vendors' booths. On Thursday the opening address was by a her OO luminary - more below. Not all sessions were taped however. On Will the opening address was by a noted OO luminary - more below.

The keynote address covered Shelly russel topless history of innovation and how innovation is changing today and as we go forward into the future. Burke discussed why innovation is difficult to predict. He also talked about how the brain processes ideas and learns Shelly russel topless things. This was a fascinating portion of his address because the listener became acutely aware of the listening and learning that our own minds Shelly russel topless doing as we processed Married woman chat room racine wisconsin lecture in real-time.

Burke even conducted a bit of a "thought experiment" showing how we form connections between formerly unrelated Shelly russel topless in our brains by telling a brief story about birds and fruit. Burke also discussed how today's technology most notable the World Wide Web will enable more non-monolithic development and further decentralize and popularize innovation. As usual his lecture was humorous and thought provoking. I'll order several videotapes from conference sessions including this one. Not all sessions were taped however. He also invented the BitBlt graphics primitive and pop-up menus Shelly russel topless at Shelly russel topless, and was the principal designer of the Fabrik visual programming environment while at Apple.

I think this was the highlight of the conference. Dan did a presentation on what was going on with Squeak and how it was being used at Disney. I'm a bit prejudiced since I've been a big fan Shelly russel topless Squeak for several years now. But I think Dan's blew their socks off. There were numerous cheers and points of spontaneous applause as he did his demo of the Squeak development work Disney was doing. Dan went on to show Alice Wonderland 3D modeling originally developed at CMU which Shelly russel topless lots of oohs, and then he started up Shelly russel topless and showed how scripting worked. From there he showed a set of examples with simple to extraordinary content.

Several of the development tools shown caused people to cheer too. It was an inspirational presentation. This year, this nefarious cabal, John Vlissides, Ralph Johnson, Richard Helm, and Erich Gamma, will be brought to justice for crimes against the field. Charges will include their cultivation of a cult of personality, training novices to behave like experts, and exhibiting an utter disregard for traditional standards of academic originality. The audience will serve as the jury, and will also be invited to provide testimony.

Denunciations as well as support from GOF apologists will be in order. Of course the jury all of us in the audience voted that they were guilty as charged. It was a humorous way to acknowledge the good and the bad that have come out of the publication of the book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Notes from selected sessions There were numerous tutorialsworkshopstechnical sessionsdemonstrations and exhibits. There was also an educator's symposium and a doctoral symposium. I've provided comments from some of the memorable sessions here. The purpose is not only to model new weapons, but also to provide decision making, logistics, weather, mobility, and the collection and dissemination of information from sensors.

It uses a Global Coordinate System to model a round earth and to access global terrain databases. From what I could discern they also provided real-world weather simulation as variables of additional complexity. When I discussed the software with the lead developer afterwards he said they had another demo they were allowed to show in public wherein the United States invades Canada, but they decided that it would be "improper" to present at OOPSLA. On a more serious note, in order to get DOD approval to demo this simulator they had to remove the software module which calculated results from actual engagements - where the software decided which weapon combinations were superior.

When I asked how they tested such a sophisticated system without staging an actual "event", we discussed that another branch of the DOD provides the analysis of simulation results. Presumably they also have used this model to compare outcomes in real world current situations for example in North and South Korea and the Balkans. It was pretty amazing how detailed the simulations were. Modeling a simulation like this in OO seemed very natural. The Refactoring Browser I have a keen interest in constant refactoring and refining code as a mechanism to improve reliability, maintainability and reuseability.

There was a demonstration of a product called the Refactory Browser I attended which had many good ideas. Robert Martin was in attendance as well. The Refactoring Browser is a freely available reimplementation of the standard Smalltalk system browser that adds several refactorings to standard operations provided by the browser. The refactorings that are implemented are fast and safe and have been used successfully on several commercial software projects. The refactorings range from mundane operations such as adding classes and instance variables, to the complex such as extracting a portion of a method into a new method, or moving a method from one class to another through either an argument or an instance variable.

Refactoring can go as far as renaming Object. At this time a tool like this only exists on Smalltalk platforms. However, there was discussion of a port to Java, although I can imagine that would be difficult because of the non-reflective nature of Java. Nevertheless, the concepts shown were very interesting and inspirational. Product Success Net Speed This was a moderated discussion about project development experiences in large organizations deploying software quickly.

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The panelists were from a variety of organizations that practice disciplined Tpless software management, and in particular, an aggressive reliance on software reuse. There was also someone from A. Share this Shelly russel topless Share Tamsin Smythe, an unmarried marketing consultant from Virginia, was one of the russek million members seeking to have an affair using the 'dating site'. The site, which promises 'discreet' relationships is dedicated to people already in committed relationships or marriages, attracted Tamsin after she had spent her whole life shunning traditional relationships in favour of affairs. Hacking group Impact gave Avid Media the group that owned the site and it's CEO Noel Biderman pictured 30 days to take down the site when they refused the details were leaked She says: Christopher Russell, who used the site to find 'like minded women' agreed that the site had a casual appeal.

Everyone knows where they stand. When we start talking they want to find out "are you real?

Shell Do you really live in the United Toples Sometimes it's even the first picture - you don't even Shelly russel topless what their face looks like. The hackers gave Avid Media 30 days to close down their sites Ashley Madison and Established Men a site for successful men looking for beautiful women or they would release the information. Their wives were decimated and hurt and they wanted to talk - Tasmin, Ashley Madison member When the CEO Noel Biderman refused to close the site after the 30 day period 30 million user details were released. Tamsin recalls the day she found out: Jeremy Bullock, chief data scientist at a UK-based technology firm said: The top of their agenda was making money.

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