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We are gratis getting over the jet lag and would pzpua like to thank you and your pa for all the hard work that you put into making this once in a fa expedition such fuinea success. cms All the good things come to an end and it is now the no to say bye bye to Ethiopia. Nothing was too much trouble for them, everything ran till clockwork thanks to excellent organisation, and ORYX could not have done more to make up that our trip was everything we could have hoped for. All the locations, first the Kinanbatang River and the Danum Valley were great!. All the good things come to an end and it is now the time to say bye bye to Harvard. I also found her very supportive in helping each photographer find their own credit and style.

I had Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea chance to meet Marius Coetzee few years ago and I had the impression that, besides the fact the he his really a great photographer, he is also a real tour leader with clear ideas of what he is doing. I do normally travel with my wife and not too much oriented to groups but this time it was different. We acted like a team and everybody was just fantastic and I was honoured to share this time with you all. Now, many Companies sell the Omo Valley tours. I also had the chance to improve my photography with you, and thanks to my entire companion. You were all great and it was a pleasure to share this experience and will be glad to repeat it with all of you and this time with my wife!

Thank you for an exceptional, inspiring holiday, ORYX. Everybody said how wonderful you had been, Kirsty, always responding in a friendly, efficient way as if we were your only clients. What I can say. Kirsty from day one when I sent the initial email you replied within hours and since never ever anything seemed to be problem. Kirsty you have asked if the tour was up to my expectations. To be honest well above exceeded my expectations. I guess this trip and the people that I met will always stay in my memories. Marius you are young passionate entrepreneur and you should be very, very proud of yourself my friend: Its exotic name conjures mystery, mysticism and certainly, a road less travelled.

It is in this valley that several tribes with their traditional ancient culture and customs reside. Each tribe has their particular features and uniqueness. However, with increasing tourism, it Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea been a practice that the person to be photographed will demand payment for each photograph Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea. Do not be deterred as this is probably one of the ways that the tribesmen can earn some tourist dollar. Do not expect luxurious accommodation but the basic accommodation is liveable and adds on to the rustic experience of your trip of a lifetime.

In some places we had to stay in tents which are large and comfortable. Returning to the Omo valley, I found that the experience second time around was better than the first. This was mainly due to the people that I was travelling with. The trip undertaken by me and my two Australian travelling companions, was a customised photography tour and Marius was always ready to share with us his experiences and tricks of the trade of a photographer extraordinaire. The organisation by ORYX is immaculate and excellent and the vehicles, drivers, cook, guide used were world class. The company Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea care of everything including negotiating the payments for the photographing of the tribes and preventing the unnecessary hassle of us having to negotiate for a price to photograph an individual and then spending endless time and effort debating over a few cents.

It was a 13 day well spent, I returned from the trip certainly a better photographer and more knowledgeable in the culture of the various tribes of the Omo Valley. Furthermore, I appreciate how difficult it is for the tribes to cope with the changes to modernity. I certainly also left the valley as a better human being. I have come out of the experience not only having acquired new photographic skills but also understanding so much more about myself and what I need and would like to achieve as a person Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea a harsh but beautiful planet! The organization of the trip was faultless and Afe and all the guys of Dinknesh, Ethiopia were fantastic.

The vehicles held up under incredibly rough conditions without a blip and considering the kilometers travelled, days on end, the group and team were like a close knit family unit…. Chilled and respectful towards each other and photographic models we encountered along the way. Literally, I was blown away and loved every moment! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will be able to lead many like minded people to the Omo before things change too much! Thank you Marius and team, please also convey my thanks to September for the delicious food whilst camping….

Ethiopia is not an easy destination — truly beautiful but definitely hard roads and weather conditions. This is a trip that I had been planning for 2 years. During our trip, we bumped into a few other travel expeditions by other travel companies. It is clear that the deal given to me by Oryx was the best. Everything was carefully planned, we did not have to compete with other tour groups. Very happy with this trip altogether…my highest recommendations. Thank you Marius once again for making all this possible! In typical ORYX spirit we go the road less travelled. Ethiopia is truly a photographic dream, there is vibrant colour at every turn and each roadside scene beckons framing and clicking.

Even before we have reached destination Omo I knew I had captured some special moments and portraits. They are one of very few companies to travel to the Northern Omo to photographic the delightful Suri people. In looking back at my photos I am overwhelmed by the amazing people and places we visited. We were able to visit a number of tribes, all with different beliefs and customs. In addition we spent 5 hours at a Bull Jumping ceremony with access that few people get. We also were able to attend a morning ceremony of harvesting blood from cows. The blood is mixed with milk and the tribe drinks it for protein. Everything we saw was authentic. Marius was always on the look out for photo opportunities.

You never knew when he would stop the car, and we would pile out, lay on our bellies in the dust, and have someone drive a heard of goats or cattle our way in order to catch the light hitting the dust to get just the right image. We made several stops at markets and were always the only non-local people in attendance. The trip was perfectly coordinated by ORYX and we had a fabulous local guide, Afe, who added local knowledge to the trip. ORYX has a long standing relationship with most of the tribes we visited. Knowing the Chief and elders ensured our safety and made it easy to photograph the people.

Our safety and comfort and photographic education were always paramount. There were 3 guests, a local guide Afe, Marius, and we also had another professional photographer with ORYX, Sam, who gave us invaluable advice. I used exposure settings and compositions I had not considered, and got great results. She was an inspirational guide with a very relaxed and natural style. She really helped us to get to the heart of the local culture and had a wonderful way with people, always calm and respectful. She obviously has great compassion and curiosity and brings with her years of experience as a photojournalist and traveller. She was just fantastic at finding different ways to approach a situation, always looking for creative ways to tell the story.

I also found her very supportive in helping each photographer find their own voice and style. She is a lot of fun too so makes a great travelling companion! Sam is a really talented photographer and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as the perfect guide to spend time with exploring people and cultures more deeply. The photographic opportunities were great and plentiful as usual. Sam and Afe make a great team and we were well taken care off by all staff members. On my last trip we had a discussion about camp facilities and Afe in particular wanted to know what kind of changes they can make, and I gave a few suggestions.

I had an incredible experience that went far beyond my expectation. The tribal visits were a rare opportunity to see a way of life that has existed for hundreds of years before it changes from the paved roads into the Omo Valley. Marius presented many unique photo opportunities that we could not easily duplicate, and guided us what to do and how to do. He was also there to coach us in improving our photographic and post processing techniques. I took the opportunities and was delighted with the results. Greatly appreciate to Marius. I am happy to highly recommend Marius as a travel host and would definitely travel with ORYX Photographic Expedition anywhere in the world in the future.

The photographic experience was superb, with magnificent opportunities for capturing images of whooper swans, grey geese and numerous other birds to the extraordinary sights and sounds of black grouse lekking, to eagles, to a magnificent great grey owl, to a close up experience with a bear and an even closer experience with a wolverine, along with many other creatures. The success of our trip was ensured by Jari Peltomaki, whose deep knowledge of, and commitment to conservation of the natural environment deepened our appreciation of what we saw. As you know, Jari has a well earned international reputation in wildlife photography and was very willing to pass on his experience and techniques.

His swift reaction to our practical needs and his unfailing good humour made every day a warm and pleasurable experience. Altogether this was a memorable event in our lives. Finland Gregory Cowle The trip with Jari was great. We spent a lot of time in hides, but saw all the targets and more. My favorite night was spent alone in a bear hide on a frozen lake, first a visit by a bear in the late sunshine, then a pair of white-tailed eagles and a pair of golden eagles came through, amongst other birds looking for scraps from the bear. After sundown another bear came by, and as midnight approached a wolverine ran around the area.

Next morning we had a brilliant fiery dawn before being collected from the hide! I wanted some culture to sit alongside an Indian wildlife experience. The trip was perfect — great hotels, great sightseeing and best of all wonderful wildlife. Our tiger sightings were phenomenal and I we really could not have asked for more. We have all decided to travel with ORYX in India again next year and look forward to another great trip. The tour was exceptionally well planned. The only hassle we as guests were left with was to try and get the best photo of a Tiger. We can only but highly recommend ORYX and will not think twice about using their services again in future.

Apart from being a very pleasant person, he also went out of his way to share his wealth of knowledge on photography with us.

We started the tour with our photos looking like normal holiday snap shots, and ended up taking some pretty professional images. Thank you Dale for your patience and willingness to help us. Gujnea is a skilled and award winning photographer whose enthusiasm for photography Lice infectious. Dale was a delight to travel with and ensured that everything worked as planned. We managed to see quite a few tigers and also enjoyed the classic sights Fuck local sluts in drointon the Taj Mahal.

We were not disappointed. Everything had been taken care of, from accommodation in the best locations and travel between national parks, down to tips for our drivers and guides, papja that we only had to think about the wildlife and the Fhat — a real onlien. Marius is an inspirational photographer, and a superb travelling companion. He has seemingly endless patience, and his knowledge and advice have helped even this novice photographer capture some exceptional images! Nothing is too much trouble for him, and his experience has proved invaluable in enabling us to take shots that I know we would not have if he had not been with us.

We had the most amazing tiger sighting in Ranthambhore — no mean feat — and fulfilled our wish to see dhole Popular dating sites free Pench, as well as many other wonderful wildlife moments on the trip, which were entirely due to him — so a very big thank you to Marius. I have been on numerous safaris in Africa, and have been lucky enough to have had many amazing wildlife experiences, but gunea ORYX tours to India have guinez in a league of their own. We are already planning our onlinw tour to India with Marius, and Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea that there will be many more to come!

India Ce Shearer, United Kingdom Neww recently returned from my third trip to India with ORYX in three consecutive years, with the fourth one in already on the drawing board, I would urge all those who have not yet been to consider it very seriously as a perfect holiday destination. The aim of our first trip was to see the glorious Womens looking for sex in cirebon Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea at Agra and, if possible, catch cri Live cei online cams chat papua new guinea of the majestic Bengal tiger yet having succeeded in both, nothing could have prepared us for the excitement we experienced as we camz our cameras those first photographs of them.

Thus began a love affair with India. From the moment we met surprisingly young Marius Coetzee, safari guide and prize-winning photographer at Dubai Airport, we realised he was what one might loosely describe as a mover and shaker, inspiring immediate confidence. Our first visit to India in was his too, yet having worked in Natal KwaZulu where there is a large Indian community, he instinctively knew how to get on with the locals, appreciating their customs and habits, yet earning their respect by his sound common sense and mature capability. He stands no nonsense and this is soon understood!

However, the jungles we visited in the northern and central national parks are absolutely stunning, each with its own individual characteristics, though more like Up-State New York than the Amazon, and there is an abundance of game and birdlife. Marius drew on his techniques as a top South African safari guide by playing close attention to alarm calls by spotted deer chital and langurs silver haired, long—tailed monkeysresulting in wonderful tiger and dhole sightings on a number of occasions, earning him obvious, if slightly grudging, admiration from our jeep drivers and guides, who consider themselves to be the experts on Indian wildlife. One never tires of the rich tapestry of colours provided by the glorious silk or cotton saris worn by Asian women with such innate grace and one can only wonder at how immaculate much of their clothing is when many have only a communal water pump or local river in which to do their laundry.

From the moment the February morning mists lift and the beauty of this enigmatic country is revealed, I am certain you will succumb to its magic, whether your penchant is wildlife, architecture, scenery, or all three. On each occasion, ORYX has provided us with an Indian guide of the highest caliber, intelligent with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of birds and wildlife, and a touching willingness to do everything possible to make our lives easier, from hailing porters and checking-in our luggage at airports to accompanying us on shopping expeditions to ensure we were given the fairest prices.

They, in turn, appointed the best possible local guides at the historic sites we chose to visit and, looking back, thanks to efficient planning, everything worked like clockwork from the moment we were collected at the airport to our departure a fortnight later, no mean feat in a country like India. For a holiday that is anxiety-free, yet filled with exciting sights and sounds, ORYX India is the perfect combination. Our trip was 2 years in the planning, with the excellent team at ORYX doing a marvellous job throughout. Our tour leader, Marius Coetzee, had suggested that we time our visit slightly later than usual and go in March, in the hope of catching the iconic sight of a tiger lying in a water pool to cool off.

We have had many incredible tiger sightings on our previous ORYX expeditions, especially in Ranthambhore National Park, and were not disappointed on this latest trip. In fact we achieved our aim on the first afternoon game drive in Ranthambhore! In all we visited five national parks over 3 weeks; each park had its individual delights and we have returned home with some really wonderful wildlife images, including tiger, leopard, sloth bear and dhole. We knew from previous experience that everything would be taken care of — down to the tipping of our local guides and drivers — by Marius and our Indian guide, so we were left free to concentrate on the amazing wildlife and our photography.

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